Friday, August 29, 2014

Holika Holika Waterdrop Tintstick

Ah... summer always calls for water light, refreshing make up, no? Holika Holika, a Korean make up brand, certainly have this in mind too!

Waterdrop tint stick promises moisturizing lip color with pretty summer appropriate colors...from reds to tangerine to pink and plum. Waterdrop strawberry looks delish to me!


Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in 8 Pink Topaz

This is by no means a new release, the famed Jewel Light Warterpoof Eyeliner has been around for quite sometime. A lot of people raved about it, and of course, I wanna see why...

Holika Holika promises creamy pencil dazzling finishes. Of course waterproof too! And the color choices... they surely got you covered: from office friendly browns and navy, dazzling metallics to matte brights!

I got No 08 Pink Topaz this time. it looks pretty in the pictures... warm champagne pink metallic. Be aware though, this is not metallic, this shade is more fine glitter/visible shimmer than anything else. I love that it has a bit of sheer quality to it... i justlove using this type of color to line the corners of my eyes.

The eyeliner is definitely creamy and so easy to apply. I am glad to share with you too, that the color and glitter doesnt travel around my face! it was, amazingly, stays put until the end of the day!
I am thinking to get the gold and mystic blue... hmm... 

I am loving it due to the unique pink champagne color. Love the creamy texture and pigmented color!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Etude House Princess Fantasy Adballoon Kit

I can rely on Etude House, a Korean brand, to deliver me steady stream of cute princess-y make up collections!

They have released a promotional video for a big palette called Princess Fantasy Adballoon Kit. It contains fourteen pastel and neutral colored eyeshadows and one blush. Interesting… 


Etude House Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow in #3 Evening Party

Among Etude’s 2014 Princess Happy Ending collection, I managed to purchase Belle’s blush and Cinderella’s eye shadow so far. The collection itself revolves around four famous princesses: Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Jasmine. Each princess have her own set which consist of various make up items. 

Cinderella has 3 eyeshadows and nail polish set. I picked up #3 Evening Party, the darkest, most chocolate-y of all three. 

As usual, the box is prettily designed, as is the tub top! Baby blue + pretty prints in gold… so cute! The tub itself is made of plastic, but it doesn’t feel too light/flimsy. In the beginning, it comes with curved plastic cover to protect the eyeshadow once you opened the tub. 

The eyeshadow itself is of dry jelly to powder texture… if that makes sense… feels soft to touch, and it ‘bounces’ back to its shape after you press it. Therefore, I will recommend to keep the curved plastic cover, just to ensure it wont dry up too fast. 

I’d describe Evening Party as medium chocolate with microglitter. Even though it has glitter in it, I do think the color is still office friendly. The swatch on the left was immediately blended once I applied it. The one on the right was single swipe with fingertip. 

Pigmentation was medium... easy to use and apply with fingertips. Color comes out easily, but it still has sheer quality in it. The glitter itself is soft and not gritty. And it does pack a punch of sparkle… not discoball big huge glitter… more of tiny glitter. 

Love the theme and the texture of this baby. The color is sweet and office friendly.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Peripera Tap Tap Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in Disney Frozen 1 Let It Go

Squeal! Another Elsa make up! This Summer I’m so happy that a Korean brand, Peripera has launched a Disney Frozen themed collection. I reviewed the liptint earlier, and now, it is time for the eyeshadow palette. 

Just like the liptint, Peripera offers 2 different palette too: 1 Let It Go and 2 I’m Happy, Kristoff. Elsa’s color is naturally cooler toned than Anna’s. 

I’m loving the packaging here… not only because The Frozen Queen herself is there, but also because it has big mirror attached to the palette! I love big mirrors for easy application! Peripera also includes dual tipped sponge applicator, but I don’t care about that, since I almost always apply shadows with my fingertips. 

The palette itself contains three colors: cool toned iridescent white with shimmer finish… which reminds me of snowflakes. Warmer pink tinted purple with shimmer finish. And darker aubergine with shimmer as well. all three are sheer and easy to blend, but building up color is possible without cakey finish. 
The powder is easy to pick and soft, pleasant to work with.
Now, the shimmer might not be every one’s cup of tea, but me, I like it. It glimmers nicely, very Elsa! I can totally see a make up artist re-creating Elsa’s eye make up with this palette. 

Workable texture, lovely shimmer and perfect color combination! Very Elsa, very spot on!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Skin Food Mineral Make Up

The Skinfood jumped in to the mineral make up bandwagon! This year they are releasing Mineral Make Up collection. The collection is quite complete from 3 colors eye shadow palettes, eye liner pencils, lip color, nail polishes, mascara and mascara for eyebrows. 

Looking at the promo pictures, the colors appear super wearable with eyes hadows looking sheer and user friendly.


Peripera Magic Glam Lip Tint in Disney Frozen 1 Let It Go

Ah… I haven’t been so giddy and excited waiting for my precious box of make up shipment from Korea for the longest time… until Frozen collection from Peripera, a Korean brand.Not only Elsa got the make up treatment, Olaf and Anna got their own make up too! From foundation, eye liner to eyeshadow (reviewed here) !

From the lips department I have chosen Elsa’s color in 1 Let It Go. Anna also has her own color called 2 I’m Happy, Kristoff. 


I wont talk much about the packaging… since, obviously it is super cute with Elsa on the box and the tube itself. 

One unfortunate thing is that the tube itself is not transparent. I prefer transparent tube, as then, I would know how much product I have left. 

The applicator is super user friendly, with pointed tip to apply the lipcolor more precisely. The color itself is bright cool pink, with medium pigmentation. Each dip manages to pick up just nice amount of product to cover the lips lightly. 

Here, on my lip swatch I applied single layer of the liptint. As you can see, it is rather sheer, but buildable to more opaque finish when you want it. This one has glossy finish and feels light on the lips, kinda hydrating too!

Boy, the tint really does its job properly! It stained quickly. The arm swatch on the right was taken about 1 minute after I applied the liptint on my skin. As you can see… it does stain!

Not only that, the single swipe I applied in the morning lasted thru the day! my lips was still beautifully stained until dinner. Well, of course the gloss has worn off by the time I had my second cup of tea, but the color only faded lightly. After my dinner though, it was mostly faded. Nonetheless, count me very happy with the longevity.


I am loving Elsa, I am loving her color. The light yet hydrating texture is a win. The gloss and long lasting staining property is spot on too. Love! Good job, Peripera.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher in #1 Pink Shine Rose

This pretty pretty blush is part of Etude’s Summer launch titled Princess Happy Ending which features collection based on 4 lovely Disney Princesses: Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine. Each Princess offers you different collection… Belle has her blush, lipstick and polish. I also purchased Cinderella's eyeshadow (review here).


I’m picking up the blush this time. Belle has 2 shades to offer to you: one pink and one coral. I picked #1 Pink Shine Rose. Etude says this blush is supposed to create ‘rose in full bloom on both cheeks’. 

The box cant be cuter than this! Look! Book pink book shaped box adorned with roses. Instant love! They put attention to detail: look at that curved book spine! 

Well… this particular curve makes it difficult to open the box… but hey… it is still too pretty to look at!

The blush itself is housed in simple plastic pan, which feels kinda light and flimsy. I am expecting mirror inside, but I found none… after the pretty box, the pan itself is a disappointment for me.  Moving on… 

(arm swatch - blended vs not blended)

The blush is pretty baby pink that reminds me of baby tea rose petal, but it is not fragranced. It is sheer when applied with soft pearly finish, very soft and pretty. Suitable for daily make up. Not for those who prefer more pigmented product though… as this is super sheer. As for Etude’s claim, ‘rose in full bloom’…  I think I would imagine rose in full bloom more pigmented and of deeper shade than this. 

Pretty color for daily make up, but not pigmented enough to evoke ‘rose in full bloom’ in my eyes.