Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rouge Baiser Paris Rouge Mythique Palette

Rouge Baiser is a classic make up brand from, well, Paris – as te name suggests. Their forte is the kiss proof lipstick formula. Of course, when I purchased this palette in Monoprix Paris, I didn’t know this yet. I was more interested in the pretty black and white ink sketches on the packaging. Only the lips of the pretty illustrations are painted in seductive luscious red.

The sketches however, doesn’t appear in the palette itself. The palette material is shiny patent leather like pretty red, just like the lips of the sketches. The compact box is wrapped in black velvet pouch – making it look expensive! Main material of the palette is plastic with magnetic closure.

Inside, I got small mirror, face powder, 2 blushes, 4 lipglosses, 12 eye shadows, dual ended sponge applicator, lip brush and mini powder brush. Very complete for such a small palette. 

The powder and blush is fine textured. The face powder though, will be too light for deeper skinned beauties, as the powder is not translucent. The blushes are pretty tan with golden shimmer and tan with a dash of mauve with golden shimmer. The shimmer is not very visible once blended to the skin. They are pigmented and stays pretty much the whole day on me. These colors must be worn lightly, as they are pretty pigmented.  I like to wear the tan as eyeshadow, as I don’t contour my face too much.

The glosses are sheer and balmy, I recommend to warm the product first by placing your finger tip on top of the gloss before applying. I find this method makes it easier for me to pick up color. The colors are plum, warm red, cool red and nude. These are very nude and gives off glossy finish. I am liking all the colors and find they are super wearable.

The main star of the palette for me is the eyeshadows! they are pigmented and wonderfully textured. Super easy to blend too! Shadows on top row are ivory, warm bronze, taupe and black. The middle row is warm green themed: starting with pearl, warm leaf green, deep olive and  greenish deep brown. Last row is plum themed: pastel lavender, deep cold lavender, deep black-purple and pinkish plum. All have shimmery finish. This is super easy to use, mix and match for all skin color. I am loving it!

I am definitely going to check out more products from Rouge Baisier. The price point is very reasonable and the brand is readily available in Monoprix Paris. Give it a try if you drop by in Paris.