Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shiseido Integrate Melty Your Heart eyeshadow duo No. 1

Integrate is a brand from Shiseido. This cutie is from their 2014 fall collection called Love Sniper. In the past I loved their Pure Big Eyes palette, I am curious if I like their duo too. 

Integrate offers eye shadow in gel cream texture (pink) and shade fit powder (brown) to aid the color stay put and not faded. according to their test, it lasts 10 hours! I am interested! 

As usual, integrate website offers diagram to advise how to apply the shadow. Right now they offer 5 color combinations, No. 1 is limited edition. 

The eyeshadow is housed in plastic tub with plastic lid over the powder shadow. both colors has satin finish with minimal shimmer. Not the most pigmented colors, but they are a pretty combination nonetheless. the pink is cooler baby pink while brown has a tinge of plum.

The pink is buttery and glides easily. Brown shade is not as powdery as I originally imagined it to be, it is rather well packed yet smooth to touch and easy to apply. it just sticks nicely when applied over the pink gel.

On my eyes, I didnt follow the Integrate diagram. I used Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner, then applied Melty Your Heart eyeshadow duo on top. I applied a bit of Make Essence Face Powder on my browbone. 

well, as you can see... pigmentation is not the forte of this duo. but, it does stay put! the sheer pink and brown stays up to 9 hours on my oily lids.

if you want sheer, office friendly duos with lasting power. this is suitable for you!

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