Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lucido L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil for Permed hair

Previously I reviewed Styling Milk for Straight hair of this series. Now, I am going to try its treatment oil for permed hair. 

(picture from

Lucido-L promises soft curl with light feeling, they recommend this baby for perm damaged hair. DAMAGED is the key word for me here, that's why I am going for this orange one, instead of magenta bottle which is marketed for straight or straightened hair. Just like the pink bottle, it also contains CMC like ingredient. This fancy ingredient is supposed to help water retention to make your hair more manageable. 

I applied this oil on towel dried hair, just like what Lucido-L recommends. The idea is that the ingredient will coat your hair to lock in moisture. Shampoo at night and wake up to smoother, softer hair! 

The oil is very light and faintly fragranced. It has slippery siliconey feel - so it doesnt weigh down my hair, it just adds shine and gloss. 

i guess this is more for normal hair, instead of dry hair like mine. the oil is very light and adds good amount of gloss, but no way moisturizing or keeping permed wavy hair stay. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roger & Gallet Huile Sublime Bois D’orange

I am loving my oils these days. Dry oils, layered with my regular body butter has been my skin-saver this winter. And I am exploring more dry oil variations these days.

Roger & Gallet is French brand famous for their toilet soaps. They are scented and super lovely, reminded me of my childhood soaps... You can easily get Roger & Gallet products in various pharmacies and supermarket , like Monoprix, in France.

This dry oil contains 6 active plants oil with softening and nourishing properties. Also enriched with orange essential oil and vitamin E to make your skin soft, supple and satin smooth.

First, the fragrance… it is lovely sweet orange with woodsy base. I am loving it. Always freshened me up!
The oil is also lovely, silicone free and easily absorbed by my thirsty skin. But the soothing effect doesn’t last as long to me, I feel the need of topping up with more oil after a few hours. Comparing dry oils I tried so far, I still prefer Nuxe and Caudalie for their more moisturizing properties.  Amidst this dry winter weather, this is not moisturizing enough for me. But it might be a favorite when I am back in the tropics.

What I love the most from this baby is the packaging. No, not cutesy packaging, but the practical spray top and small, well decorated glass bottle. It fits into my travelling bag nicely.

Super practical and pretty bottle for travelling. Not moisturizing enough for winter, but might be perfect for more humid summer days!

Fred Farrugia Midnight Kit, Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadows in 03, 11& Transparent Crème Blush in 02

Yes… I went to a shopping spree recently… Guilty as charged…  But I couldn’t resist those twinkly colors and pretty little Midnight Kit set…

Fred Farrugia is a make up artist and, of course, the creator of the brand. His aim is to create products with textures that blends with skin for natural result. Most importantly these products should be able to follow the ladies wherever they go. That’s how Fred Farrugia magnetic system was founded!

Midnight Kit is a nifty little starter kit. It contains all you need to start your own Fred Farrugia pallete. Of course you can keep them in the plastic sleeves they came in when you bought each product, but I would be much more travel friendly if you own the top and bottom casing! You can create your own palette according to your needs!

Back to the lovely kit. It contains the top and bottom closures and also the sleeve in black. I find the sleeve particularly useful to make sure the palette wont get accidentally open in your luggage. The kit alos contains Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadows in 15, Cream Lipstick/Lipgloss in 24 and Illuminating Powder in 01. That’s all you need to create a lovely night out look!

The lip colors would be flattering to any skintone. Both have color in the same family, hence can be used alone or layered up to add more glossiness. The lippie is more natural while the gloss is more pinky – both are tea rose colored. Eyeshadows in 15 is classic combo of sparkly pearly white shadows and equally sparkly black-grey shadow. The texture is not as smooth and buttery as Japanese brands, but they truly excels in pigmentation. Last but not least is the Illuminating powder in 01… it has lovely smooth texture. The color is warm ivory with super subtle shimmer. I do think this will also flatter any skin tone. I love to use it as brow bone highlighter too.

Of course, monochrome eyeshadows wont do it for me… That’s how I end up with additional palette in 03 and 11. 03 consists of bright teal blue shadow and popping pink-magenta shadow. 11 is more subtle pale cool pastel plum and complimentary deep plum. Both palette has good pigmentation and similar texture with the one included in Midnight Kit.

And… I cant resist Transparent Crème Blush in 02. It is, well, transparent and blendable crème blush with matte finish. No shimmer here. The color is lovely almost neon Barbie pink, but when blended properly it gives me pretty, feminine pink cheeks.

I do recommend putting your crème products on top of the palette and the sparkly shadows below. Just to avoid the possibility of powders getting stuck on the crème product when you use your brushes to pick them up.

I am loving Fred Farrugia’s customizable palette system…very travel friendly. The eyeshadows are of good quality and blushes are pretty too. Pricing point is slightly at the expensive side, but if you travel a lot, this might be your life (or cosmetic) safer. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kose Esprique Mellow Forming Rouge in PK811

Esprique is another brand from Kose. Its principal is one stroke beauty -user friendly and simple. 

This is not traditional lippie with a firm bullet, but rather one of those 'serum' lippie like Dior's Serum de Rouge. The lippie is very soft and housed in click style 'pen' instead of tube. Dont twist too much, it might not goes back inside as easily as your regular lippie tube... 

PK881 is pretty baby pink with light superfine shimmer. It is super easy to wear. I do think it suits almost every skin tone. 

The texture is melt upon application, very glossy. My lips feels moisturized when I am wearing this. The color itself is super sheer, so dont expect much color payoff here. As with most moisturizing, glossy finish lippies - I dont expect this to last very long. Indeed, it only lasted me 1-2 hours with my regular tea sipping. Frequent application is definitely needed... keep one pen in your pouch!

Easy to wear, moisturizing lipstick - just like what Esprique promised. It is lacking in pigment  and longevity department. But the comfortable feel makes me reach for it more and more often as my daily lippie.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK004

Princess Etoinette release from winter 2012 is just so pretty. They are pink and girly - obviously inspired by french princesses of the past! I picked up a few colors from the lipstick collection for myself. This color, PPK004 arrived earliest. 

My box arrived a little dented, but it's okay, since the lippie itself was intact. As usual, the tube is made of plastic - but this time it has matte finish. Adding luxurious finish to the otherwise regular lip tube. I am just loving the tube design here... it definitely look pretty on my desk!

The texture of Crystal Shine Lips is butter and lovely when applied. It pretty much melted when applied. The color itself is super sheer and glossy. 

PPK004 looks like mauvey-tea rose pink. No worries, the color doesnt appear as dramatic as the tube when applied. As I mentioned earlier, the color is sheer and glossy - it just added a little blush and shine on my lips. Longevity wise, this doenst last very long. Especially that it looks so similar to my regular lip pigmentation, I cant really asses how long does the color itself lasts. 

Pretty packaging, lovely color selection and comfortable texture making this an easy pick for daily lipstick. PPK004 just added nice blush and sheen on my lips. But I dont think this is extraordinary enough to make me wanting to collect more colors so badly. 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Trollop & Queen

Now, this is one product that truly lives to its fame! After trying on so many lip colors with similar concept – pigmented and meant to be mixed to create your own shade,  I do think this is, so far, the only one that is truly pigmented!

OCC is famous for its lip tars, but they also have other stuff like eyeshadows, tinted moisturizer and even airbrush system!

Lip Tar promises light yet intense layer of color with satin finish. Ease of gloss application, yet longevity of a lipstick.

I got Trollop and Queen for myself as a starter. OCC describes Trollop as true cranberry pink while Queen as bright coral pink. On me Trollop was first released in fall 2010, on me it is warm pink with a dash of coral. Queen is colder pink with fuchsia mixed in – my kind of comfort zone color!

Single teeny weeny drop of this baby is enough for my lips and fingertips! I applied and evened out the color with my finger tip and the result is even, bright, pigmented color with satin finish. It felt lightweight and the pigment never settle on my liplines. It did stain my fingertips a little. Lip tar pigment didn’t make a stiff layer on my lips, it just sits nicely on top of my lips. I did saw the pigment transferred on to my teacup rim after sipping. But it doesn’t matter, as the color remained bright.

Just to share how pigmented Lip Tars are, the half lip swatch on top was made by the super tiny drop I made for my hand swatch. Super pigmented, super easy to blend. I am just loving it!

During application I can taste a little minty sensation, but it didn’t last long.

I am loving these babies for their pigment packed colors and longevity! Looking forward to try something from their 2012 mettalurgy collection!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Artdeco Eyeshadow in 63 Pearly Baby Blue, 87, 211 Golden Beige, 249 Spring Green and 263 Venetian Blue

Artdeco is German brand famous for their customizable palettes of blush and eyeshadows. Each pan has magnet pad on the bottom, making it easy to stick on Artdeco metal palette... or any metal surface for that matter. Palette is nice to have, but not a must to have. 

This time my grubby hands grabbed a few eyeshadows... 63 Pearly Baby Blue, 87, 221 Golden Beige, 249 Spring Green and 263 Venetian Blue. Artdeco organizes their eyeshadows by finish, 63 is pearl while 221, 249 and 263 are duochrome.
63 Pearly Baby blue is lovely sparkly pearly baby blue, just as the name implies. 87 is pearly soft lilac. 211 Golden Beige is pearly warm beige - perfect for highlighting browbone! 249 Spring Green is pearly pastel green - reminds me of young leaf shoot. It has super subtle golden flash when you really observe it. 263 Venetian Blue is lovely deep teal with subtle rich green duochrome.

All of the colors I picked are shimmery and soft. pigmentation is good and it sparkles nicely. It only took me a single swipe to get colors visible on my lids. Blending is a breeze with these babies too!

I am going to definitely purchase more eyeshadows from Artdeco! I am just loving their color collection and texture!

Artdeco Blusher 32 Fuchsia Blush

Another one from Artdeco. This blush is meant to be kept inside Artdeco's costumizable palette. Each of the blush pan has magnetic bottom, as does Artdeco's eyeshadow range. I dont keep my Artdeco pans in the palette, as I find the palette too expensive - I'd rather spend my money on the blush or eyeshadow itself. 

Even though Artdeco says this blush is Fuchsia, I think this is more warm tea rose. It doesnt look cold fuchsia at all on my skin. 

I am loving the formula, so soft and well pigmented. Easy to apply and blend. 

This blush is lovey and easy to wear, formula is good too. Worth the price. I am looking forward to try more blush and shadows color from Artdeco!

Artdeco Liquid Star Liner Eyeliner in 18 and 32 Lilac

Artdeco is a German brand with rather affordable price point and good reputation. They are famous for their magnetic eye palette which you can fill with Artdeco eye shadow and blush pans. 

This time, I am going to try their Liquid Star Liner.Liquid Star Liner promises brilliant color, waterproof formula which resist smudging and fading. The formula is mineral oil free and fragrance free, making it safe for contact lenses wearer. Well... I dont know any eye liner which is not recommended for contacts users so far... but that's what they mentioned in the website. 

In the website they enlisted wearable color collections - from black, grey, brown to navy and deep teal. I got myself color 18 and 32. 18 is a wonderful blackened forest green with subtle shimmer. 32 Violet is royal purple-violet version of MUFE aqualiner amazing number 14. that lovely iridescent shimmer is just lovely.  Unfortunately i cant capture it with my camera. 

This liner is very similar to MAC's superslick and MUFE's aqua liner. The eyeliner has felt tip - which is firm enough to draw sleek cat's eye, yet soft enough to glide nicely on my lids. The formula felt pretty much the same - no smudging and fading on my oily lids even after a long day in the office. The color lifts off easily with gentle make up remover - no need heavy duty oil cleanser or baby oil drenched cotton buds here. But I am happy that the color didnt travel and the line I drawn stays in place. 

More economical than MUFE's aqualiner, more easily obtained than MAC's superslick. The basic colors will cover your daily need nicely. Purple, iridescent color lovers -check out color 32 Lilac... it is magical!