Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PPK004

Princess Etoinette release from winter 2012 is just so pretty. They are pink and girly - obviously inspired by french princesses of the past! I picked up a few colors from the lipstick collection for myself. This color, PPK004 arrived earliest. 

My box arrived a little dented, but it's okay, since the lippie itself was intact. As usual, the tube is made of plastic - but this time it has matte finish. Adding luxurious finish to the otherwise regular lip tube. I am just loving the tube design here... it definitely look pretty on my desk!

The texture of Crystal Shine Lips is butter and lovely when applied. It pretty much melted when applied. The color itself is super sheer and glossy. 

PPK004 looks like mauvey-tea rose pink. No worries, the color doesnt appear as dramatic as the tube when applied. As I mentioned earlier, the color is sheer and glossy - it just added a little blush and shine on my lips. Longevity wise, this doenst last very long. Especially that it looks so similar to my regular lip pigmentation, I cant really asses how long does the color itself lasts. 

Pretty packaging, lovely color selection and comfortable texture making this an easy pick for daily lipstick. PPK004 just added nice blush and sheen on my lips. But I dont think this is extraordinary enough to make me wanting to collect more colors so badly. 


  1. with the price, i was hoping an extraordinaire result. i guess it is not >.< thanks for reviewing. Your lips look ravish and nice!


  2. Hi Hana,
    thank you.
    well, yes, this is a very sheer lipstick. if you want more pigment, i do think you would have better luck with Revlon or Rimmel. Do try Kate Moss collection from Rimmel, the colors I tried has good pigmentation.