Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Lipstick in Madras Pink 60

This is how I got introduced to Yves Saint Laurent lippies...

Yes, it is used up lipstick bullet, but this is my favourite color! See how nice it is on my skin... blue/fuchsia based pink with subtle golden shimmer. When applied on lips, it appears to have soft pearl finish.

I do think this is one of the oldies in YSL lipstick range, as I have been using this baby for a few years by now. Always this color: No. 60. Like other YSL lippie, this one is scented too: but not the newer signature mango scent. The fragrance here smells more like soft rose with fruits. I prefer this fragrance than the new mango scent.
This applies easily and pretty pigmented too. As you can see in the swatch, single swipe (on left) is not so much different from multiple swipes (on right).
Feels very light and comfortable upon application. However, Rouge Pur doesn’t score very high in the moisturizing department. It is not exactly drying, but just a little bit. I can handle it by applying light balm underneath, before applying Rouge Pur itself.
In summary...
Packaging: simple, plastic with golden finsih
Color offering: 4/5 I saw rather huge variety of colors in the display
Price: i forgot already how much I got this baby, as I buy them brainlessly...(just ask for rouge pur no.60)
Texture: slides nicely, very light and airy on lips
Moisturizing: 2.5/5 just a little drying, balm underneath will solve the problem
Staying power: 3-4 hours with tea sippings
Will I buy more? Of course! May be next time I would try other colors too... No.60 looks a little lonely there...

Have you tried other colors from Rouge Pur? Which is your favourite? Share with me :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in Golden Pink 3 and Golden Berry 15

The moment I saw Yves Saint Laurent’s Golden Gloss, I was half convinced ... this gloss is made in Heaven! (Golden Pink on the left, Golden Berry on the right)
Okay, you cant really see the heaven-ness of this tube... the tube is unique square shaped, okay, not the first in market to use squared design, but I still like it a lot. Secondly...the colors and the shimmer inside! In real life, GOlden Pink is more peachy pink than Golden Berry that is more fuchsia pink. Both with lovely golden glitter of course!
The colors are pure heaven, I am spoilt for options and the shimmer inside... this gotta be made from outer space. Tiny golden specks...not the big huge glitter chunks, not the small hardly visible tame shimmer too... this is just perfect.
Granted the colors look kinda strong and too obvious in tube, but when you wear it, it is sheer yet still give nice dash of color on my lips. And those shimmers, it doesn’t feel gritty or sandy! Love!
The gloss is scented with signature ‘mango’ scent just like Rouge Volupte, but not as strong. Now, don’t imagine the mango scent to smell like fragrant golden mangoes you picked up in the local fruit counters. It smells more like mix of soft fruity fragrance. Not very mango, if you asked me. Not a turn on, not a turn off too...
Another extra point for the design... I hate it so much when the lipgloss I wear sticks all over the wand when i pulled it out. I hate the ‘messy’ look, and I feel like I those chunks stuck on the wand body is just wasted (okay, the chunk come back to the tube, but I just don’t like it). This wonderful wand... doesn’t pick up the gloss on its body, but only on the brush tip! Too bad I cant manage to take proper picture to share with you how neat and clean the wand is everytime I pulled it out.
Last but not least, the lasting power. This baby, last the longest time. I have never tried any gloss that stays as long. Even with my rigorous tea sippings, it lasted me 2-3 hours. After that the glossiness wane off, but the hint of color lingers around and some of that lovely golden shimmer sticks around. Lovely lovely...
This is gonna be one of my favourite gloss...
In summary...
Packaging: squared off tube made of clear plastic
Color offering: 4/5 lovely choices
Price: SGD 31.2 (without tax)
Texture: non sticky gloss
Moisturizing: 4/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings
Will I buy more? Yes yes YES!!!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Shine SPF 15 Lipstick in Rose Babydoll 4

I fell in love with YSL’s lipsticks... and I just have to try all of them! This time, I bumped across Rouge Pure Shine in Changi Airport. It was not on display, and they only have 3 colors or so, each in limited quantity. The sales assistant told me those are the colors customer ordered. So, there was not a single tester to check the texture of color. But since this is my favourite lipstick brand, YSL, I decided to try. I am lucky, one of those colors they stocked up suits my liking...
Since there is no other colors or proper display, I cant really comment on the colors they have. But judging from the website and swatches in the net, it seems like they have quite a wide color variation.
The tube, as usual, is very YSL, all gold with YSL logo panel from which the color of the lippie would be visible. I like the design of this tube, you have to push the top of the tube/cube to take out the lippie... fancy
The color applies medium sheer. I do think single swipe is enough to get the color on your lip.
While in the tube the color appears pink-fuchsia with pearly finish with a hint of greenish pearl (okay, that’s complicated description...), on my lip and hand it appears pink-fuchsia with pearl finish. Very lovely...
Rose babydoll has the signature ‘mango’ scent, just like Rouge Voluptes. Some like it, some don’t ....
Application is very smooth and easy. Feels very light and airy on my lips. Unfortunately, unlike Rouge Voluptes, this one is not so moisturizing. But it lasts longer than Rouge Voluptes. Too long with only Rose Babydoll would leave my lips rather dry. I managed to work around it by applying light balm before the lipstick. Which I don’t normally bother to do, unless I really really like the lippie.
What I don’t fancy too much from Rouge Pur Shine is the flat cube surface. Since it is made of plastic, fingerprints easily sticks here and there. Oh...I detest any thumb print on any shiny surface of my lippie tube...
In summary...
Packaging: plastic, gold colored
Color offering: I didn’t see all color variations...
Price: SGD 32.7 (without tax)
Texture: light, scented with signature ‘mango’ scent
Moisturizing: 2.5/5
Staying power: approx 3-4 hours with drinks in between
Will I buy more? Yap, if the color really melted my heart

Friday, February 25, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Carnation 025

I got this one accidentally. No tester, no experience with the formula. But since it was not so expensive, I decided to grab it on the way to the cashier.

Revlon pamphlets says...
‘... Innovative pigments provide immediate, high pigment color release on lips to give rich color in just one swipe.
Unique elasticolor technology hugs lips with explosion of color that feels virtually weightless.
Contains film-forming polymers for longer wear and skin conditioning properties.
Moisturizers and anti-oxidants, including sweet almond oil improve lip texture...’
In a typical Revlon style, the tube is black in color. The amazing thing is, the color on the top of the tube matches the color of the lipstick bullet! Other than that, I don’t care for Revlon’s packaging, so let’s go inside... the color is very nice pink, the lipstick bullet has ‘REVLON’ embossed in the middle . I like embossed lipstick bullets...

The color is rather sheer, I think. With that, I cant agree or disagree with the ‘rich color in just one swipe’ claim, guess have to try with bolder color (which I’m sure will try soon *wink*). With Carnation, my natural lip color still peeks thru. If I sniffed closely enough, I could detect rather unnatural fragrance, but I cant detect it upon application, so it doesn’t really matter.

The formula is amazingly light, soft and nice. I feel like I didn’t wear any lipstick! It is not moisturizing, but my bone-dry lips are not complaining! I am totally loving it! However, the color does not last very long, which is expected from light pink colors. Lasted about 3 hours on me.

In summary...
Packaging: light matte finish plastic
Color variations: 3/5 I kinda expect more color variations from Revlon
Price: SGD 10, but I think outside Changi airport it costs around SGD 17-19?
Texture: light, like not wearing anything
Moisturizing: 3/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between
Will I buy more? Yes, in fact I am targeting the fuchsia and red now... *wink*

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Gardenia 13

Ah...Rouge Coco... I don’t think I have to give any introduction to this wonderful lippie...

I feel so lucky to met Gardenia... the color is very My-Lips-But-Better. With the color collection Rouge Coco offers, I am almost sure everyone could find their very own My-Lip-But-Better lippie. It applies semi sheer, with no fragrance or taste.

Rouge Coco is moisturizing for lippie. Not as moist as YSL Rouge Volupte, but close. It lasts quite well for me , considering I sip my tea often.

The fantastic neutral color offerings aside, one thing I love the most from Rouge Coco is the lightweight feeling. Sometime I forgot I am wearing any lippie, until I saw that lippie stain on the rim of my tea cup! Lovely lovely...

In summary...
Packaging: metal, very luxe feeling
Color offering: 4/5
Price: SGD 35.2 without tax
Texture: glides nicely
Moisturizing: 4/5
Staying power: approx 2-3 hours with drinks in between
Will I buy more? Y E S!!! more colors please! but I have to save money first...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lorac Multiplex Lipgloss in 3D

I discovered this one from Sephora Glitz & Glam box. The moment I saw the color, I feel in love...
Multiplex has sweet artificial bubblegum scent that is rather strong. 3D is lovely bronzey-pink colored gloss. I don’t think the gloss itself has any visible color when applied on lips/swatched on hand, the gorgeous coloring comes from the glitter! Brown-bronze flakes with rose pink shine... lovely...
Texture-wise it is rather thick and sticky. The enormous amount of glitter also makes Multiplex in 3D feels rather sandy/gritty on lips.
The nice thing is, like most thicker glosses i’ve tried, Multiplex in 3D is moisturizing on my lips.

In summary...
Packaging: simple round tube with brush applicator
Texture: moisturizing thick gloss, slightly gritty from the glitter (I think)
Moisturizing: yes, comfortable on my lips
Staying power: there is no color per se, only lovely bronze-rose glitters that shimmers. The glitter sticks around for quite some time *heart*
Will I buy more? Yes, this fun glitter-packed gloss is just lovely!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yves Rocher Moisturizing Cream Lipstick in Rose Galica 61

Bought this one on sale (trying to convince myself it is OK to get another lipstick):
It was on is OK to get this one...I never tried Yves Rocher and yet have heard of good things about it.

The casing is light plastic, which doesn’t impress or disappoint. The lipstick is floral-rose scented, the scent sticks around after application.
Yves Rocher lipstick feels light and slips nicely, it is sheer too. gives just nice slight apricot tint on my lips. It doesn’t last very long thou, about 2-3 hours. In the tube Rose Galica appears nude-apricot with slight golden shimmer, but upon application, the shimmer is not visible.

I do think this is suitable lipstick for my lazy days, sheer and easy to apply. I am never confident applying lipstick without mirror...but with this one, I think I can do it ;)

In summary...
Packaging: light plastic
Color variations: 3/5 I didn’t notice many choices in the shop
Price: IDR 90,000 (that’s about 10 USD, assuming 1USD=9,000IDR)
Texture: light, soft, balm-y
Moisturizing: 3/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between
Will I buy more? Yes, if I can find more interesting color

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Perle Lipstick in Coral Sun 102

This one is from my favourite formula... YSL Rouge Volupte, which I already mentioned in earlier post here:
(picture from YSL website)
Unlike regular Rouge Volupte which offers myriad crèmes, Perle offers slightly sheer shimmering colors. Coral sun, is however, not so coral. I would say it is more pale beige-orange with healthy dose of golden shimmer. Swatch on the left is single swipe, the other is 3-4 swipes. As you can see... pretty sheer...
Packaging is the same with YSL Rouge volupte, except the middle panel is colored white, so, I cant really tell which color is my tube if I were to own more colors...
In summary...
Packaging: heavy, luxurious golden tube. Same design with Rouge Volupte, minus the colored middle panel
Color offering: 2/5 lovely choice of colors, less variety compared to Rouge Volupte
Price: USD 34 from Sephora (before tax)
Moisturizing: 4.5/5 the most moisturizing lipstick I have ever tried!
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between, non staining
Will I buy more? Of course! I have some colors on my wishlist already hehe...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine in Blooming Apricot 26

I am not a big fan of Givenchy’s lipcolors. I tried their liquid lipcolor few years back, and it was super ultra drying. Not fun. But looking at the color of this one, I just have to give Givenchy lip color another try...
Dont you just adore the packaging and color? The lipstick is enclosed in the clear light grey with soft silver glitter plastic casing, you take it out by pulling the cute silver ribbon on the tail of the lipstick.
The color...lovely! bright cheerful apricot with soft golden glitters! It applies sheer, the swatch on the left was single swipe, the other one was 3-5 swipes.

Rouge Interdit Shine smells like my previous Givenchy liquid lipcolor: artificial flowery fragrance that I don’t really fancy. Application was smooth but it has slight sandy feeling. Not surprising, considering the amount of glitter it packed.

I love the color of my lips with Blooming Apricot applied, unfortunately, the formula was very drying. 2 -3 hours after application, I really felt the dryness of my lip. Givenchy ...oh ... Givenchy...

In summary...
Packaging: cool looking
Color variations: 4/5
Price: IDR 260,000 (that’s about 28-29 USD, assuming 1USD=9,000IDR)
Texture: light but slightly sandy/gritty
Moisturizing: 1/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between
Will I buy more? Nope, too drying and expensive too!

L’occitane en Provence Peony Liquid Shine Lip Colour in Isabelle Riviere 02

I have been using L’occitane perfume and creams for a while now. Loving them alot! How happy I was when I saw they release this last year!

The gloss came inside a cute paper pouch with peony picture in front, too bad I don’t have it with me now. What I like the most from the packaging thou, is the cap, it is plastic but covered in paper with peony variant which inspired the color.
Isabelle Riviere is creamy pink-magenta with teeny weeny golden pearlescent glow. Very lovely. In the beginning, I was rather wary with the color, afraid I wont be able to pull it off. But it applies rather sheer, as you can see in the swatch. I would call it lip gloss, not liquid lipcolor for the sheer-ness.

It is rather thick and sticky. Mine has rather strong flowery fragrance, which goes away few minutes after application. This one doesn’t dry my lips too.

In summary...
Packaging: cute but simple, light clear plastic
Color variations: 2/5 I only saw 4 shades in the shop
Price: (was part of a package)
Texture: thick, but not as thick as MAC’s lipglasses and sticky
Moisturizing: 4/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between
Will I buy more? Will try other colors if available

Celeblous Gelina Cheek from LA in Macaroon Pink 02

For those residing in Singapore, this product is no way brand new. it has been around for a while. Yet for some reasons (I think it was the eye catching yet tacky packaging + the strange name) I always steered away from it... until yesterday. Yes, I am having my Japanese brands fever, I will try and pick up anything Japanese.

As you can see, it comes with tiny leopard print puff complete with neon pink bow. The puff fits nicely in the jar. But since I am not a puff person (I love my Ecotools brushes to death] and (again) the tacky leopard print, I am not going to use the puff. The jar itself is clear with golden glitter, the brand ‘Celeblous Gelina Cheek’ logo printed in gold on top. I like the big pot, makes it easier for me to pick the product up.

Macaroon Pink is light coral-pink with soft golden shimmer. It is very soft, with light swirl form my brush, I managed to pick quite a lot color. When applied, the golden shimmer is very very soft and it makes my cheek glows.

In summary...
Packaging: love the big pot, but not the design...
Color offering: 1/5 In the drugstore, there were 3 colors available.
Price: SGD 24.9
Staying power: color stays nicely until the end of the day
Will I buy more? I’m curious to try the other nude-pinky color (I forgot the name)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Rose Frivole 19

This baby is my current favourite lipstick...

As you can see, the package is very YSL, except that the tube is rounded, while the other YSL lipstick lines are squared. I love how I can tell which color inside without opening or checking the lipstick shade 
My camera didn’t manage to really capture the beautiful Rose Frivole shade, that is crème slightly deep baby pink. Rouge Volupte offers many many crème colors, I think everyone can find their crème from the collection.

The lipstick itself is fragranced, ‘mango’ fragrance. It is rather strong, but not annoying. Rouge Volupte applies nicely opaque (left swatch –single swipe, right swatch 2-3 swipes). It is so soft and buttery ... the most moisturizing lipstick I’ve encountered so far! Love love love

Unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet), I don’t think they sell it in Singaporean beauty halls. I purchased mine in Changi Airport.

In summary...
Packaging: heavy, luxurious golden tube
Color offering: 4/5 they have marvellous crèmes
Price: SGD 35.2
Moisturizing: 4.5/5 the most moisturizing lipstick I have ever tried!
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between, slightly staining on my skin
Will I buy more? Of course! I have some colors on my wishlist already hehe...

Monday, February 14, 2011

SariAyu Martha Tilaar Lipstick Pesona Rimba Sumatra 2010 in Nias 01

SariAyu is rather famous (locally in Indonesia) Indonesian brand which usually come up with make up trends every year. I recalled seeing their body care/spa products sold in Singapore and Malaysia too. Not so long time ago, I got myself this one, just because I never tried any of their product.
SariAyu’s inspiration always came from Indonesian culture/nature, and their make up shades are designed to suit Indonesian ladies’ complexion. Since Indonesian complexion is similar Asian complexion in general, I think shades from their make up line should fit Asian skin tones.

The lipstick I bought was from their 2010 collection, which was inspired by Sumatran rainforests. Nias is a small island nearby Sumatra island.

The lipstick was not packaged simply by patterned plastic. I have to peel off the plastic to open the lipstick. The pattern is usually in line with the make up color theme. I personally find the pattern rather busy.
Nias 01 looks like regular natural rose with teeny weeny hint of orange. It applies nicely, not too glossy not too matte. It has faint artificial fruits fragrance.

I think the lipstick itself lasts only 1-2 hours with my regular tea sippings in between. However, the color lasts longer. It stained my lips rather nicely. Stained my skin when I was swatching too. However, it was not moisturizing... too bad.

I am surprised by this lipstick, and certainly would like to try more of their beauty products! The price was inexpensive compared to other international brands too!

In summary...
Packaging: simple, light plastic
Color offering: 2/5 each collection only has 2-3 shades of lipstick if I am not mistaken
Price: IDR 35,000-25,000 (translates to USD 3.8-2.8, when 1USD=9,000IDR)
Texture: slides nicely
Moisturizing: 2/5
Staying power: 1-2 hours, but it stains!
Will I buy more? Would try more if they have more shades to offer...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek in Sweet Apricot 05

Since I discovered Tarte’s Natural Cheek Stain in Glam, I am smitten with any cheek blush in coral or peach or apricot. And then, I found this baby in the local drugstore...

As you can see, It comes in few other colors (reading the website’s color description is pure entertainment...LOL) , those who are not too used with Japanese brands might find some colors too bright.
All of the colors I tried was glittery, some are glitter packed, some are less sparkly... Sweet apricot is one of those that are not so sparkly. It has tiny golden glitter which is not very visible in the container, but pops out when blended. I find the other colors to behave the same way too...

Now the swatch...The one on the left is the product before blending, the one on the right is after blending. See how potent the color is? When applying these, it is wise to start very very little first, then build up color if necessary... says:
“Creates a complexion that exudes health from deep within your skin, like a fountain of happiness.Blends in with your skin as though melting into it, ensuring that your complexion stays looking dewy-fresh for hours on end.
Surprising texture! A melting gel-type formulation that becomes dry after application....
Versatile coloring ...”

The packaging is light clear plastic, but I do think it looks cute! Look at that diamond cut effect on the sides... don’t that makes you want to pick it up and have a look?

The cream-gel content is very soft and light, you can pick it up easily with tip of your fingers. Upon application, just like the website promises, I feel like I just applied powder blush! It does not feel heavy on my oily cheeks!

Canmake Cheek color stays wonderfully visible for a long time. By the end of the day, I can see my cheeks apricot tinted...makes my face looks fresh!

In summary...
Packaging: cute but simple, light clear plastic
Color variations: 4/5
Price: SGD 19.9
Texture: cream-gel turning powdery upon blending
Moisturizing: not applicable
Staying power: color still vibrant on my cheek by the end of the day 
Will I buy more? Yes! Yes! Yes, please! I’m gonna grab the pink one soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heroine Make 5th Anniversary: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara and Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover

Few months back, I’ve given up on mascaras. Simply because those brands I have bought in the past either simply don’t work (if it works I didn’t see the difference) or flakes like nobody’s business. But since I don’t have many things to do now, I decided to try on this one:
It was special pack, so with price of one mascara, I got both the mascara and the remover. Heroine Make is a Japanese brand I am not familiar with. Rumor has it, this mascara wont budge even if you cry! Interesting... more interesting would be how to remove it. But that’s later...

Here’s my eye without mascara, with 2-3 swipes of Heroine Make Kiss Me (the name is just toooooo long) and lastly, since I am greedy greedy with 5-6 swipes of HMKM:
Ahem...pardon my uncurled eyelashes... few first swipes elongates and makes my lashes appear darker. The extra swipes that I did after, I don’t think it helps with anything, as it doesn’t make my lash longer or thicker. Unlike other drugstore brands I’ve tried this one feels light and not heavy. I didn’t notice any flaking too.

I mimicked sweating and crying by dropping few drops of water and rub it gently with my fingertips....the rumors are true! No racoon eyes! You can safely wear this mascara to events where sweating (like marathon around the island?) or crying (sappy movies, anyone?) is expected.

Now...the fun part...removal!!
My regular make up remover didn’t do anything to remove this stuff! Next try: baby oil – ha! Even my MAC liquidlast eyeliner removes easily with this one... baby oil does help a bit...I saw my cotton getting slight black stain. But really, baby oil didn’t help. So, I will try the remover that comes with the mascara. It looks like clear mascara, so, you apply it over the mascara and wait for 2-3 minutes before removing...

The remover has jelly-oily texture. This better remove the mascara...*waiting* *waiting* *waiting*

Okie~ *grab cotton pad* *swipe* HURRAHHHH!!! It removes my mascara completely! Lesson learnt: Never ever buy Heroine Make Kiss Me Mascara without the remover!

In summary...
Packaging: the bottle is plain vanilla compared to other brands, but the plastic packaging encasing the bottle is another story, with the saucer-eyed with incredibly long eye lash Japanese anime style girl, who wont be interested to pick it up?
Color offering: to borrow Henry Ford: ‘any customer can have a car (more likely eyelashes) painted any color he (more likely she, but who am I to judge?) wants so long as it is black’
Price: SGD 21.9 for mascara+remover, usually about SGD 21-ish for each
Texture: light, waterproof, regular make up remover proof, baby oil proof
Staying power: whole day
Will I buy more? If I finish this one, why not?

Lemongrass House Lemongrass Dogs Dog Coat Oil

Lookie lookie what I found today... tadaaaa....
Lemongrass House is a Thai brand producing ‘fresh handmade spa products’ for dogs, and of course, humans too! After some consultation with Uncle Google, I found out that the brand starts from Phuket and it is pretty famous. Even mentioned in the Time magazine! *how can I missed this one?!?!*

The bottle says:
‘This exceptional coat oil was developed specifically to give maximum conditioning and protection to the coat. Rich in Jojoba and apricot oils, and essential Vitamin E, dog coat oil prevents matting, tangling and helps repair overworked hair, while moisturized the skin. It contains no alcohol or silicone, and will not affect coat’s natural color. It is anti-static and has ligjt fresh scent’

Okay, some background story: recently my Vet told me that my cute Puppy has dry skin and fur (sounds familiar here...). So, Vet recommended me not to bathe Puppy too often. So... that was why, when I was lured by fresh lemongrass fragrance wafting in the mall, I entered the Lemongrass house shop and saw this, I bought it immediately.

You are supposed to pour the product on your palm then work thru your dog’s dry coat then brush the coat.

First of all, it smells lovely! Smell of fresh lemongrass of course. The oil is light and easily absorbed by my human skin. I secretly want this for myself.... I know... I know... shame on me....

The bottle says the ingredients are: Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Lemongrass essential oils & Vitamin E

See...good enough for humans too!

As for myself, I bought their Rose Absolute Shampoo and Conditioner. But that’s for another time.

Tony Moly Lovely Slim Lipstick Berryberry in Ruby RD01

Few months ago, I noticed a new Korean brand of cosmetic nearby: Tony Moly. Their cream bottle designs are so cute, but that’s for another occasion. I still have loads of creams I have not used. So, I picked this one up instead...
The brand is literally describing the packaging: slim lip stick. The color offering in the shop was rather limited: only 5 shades. I picked Ruby: a sheer metallic red.

The lipcolor is hard, but I don’t find difficulty gliding it over my lips. It has sweetened sour fruits fragrance, which I don’t care about.

One hour after initial application, my lip started to feel a little dry. This is a little unfortunate, since initial application was rather nice and it felt lightweight.

In summary...
Packaging: simple, light plastic
Color offering: 2/5
Price: SGD 10.9
Texture: hard, but slides nicely
Moisturizing: 2/5
Staying power: 1-2 hours
Will I buy more? Not really...

Extra rantings:
I was soooo soooo interested to check out Burberry’s Beauty line for a while by now, so, off to Orchard I went. I heard the news that the line is coming to Singapore in January from various blog & magazine. But...I found no Burberry Beauty in Orchard  The sales assistant plainly told me it is coming on March due to insufficient space in the beauty halls. *pout*

Friday, February 11, 2011

L’oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick in Pink Nude CR 101

This lipstick/lip balm is amazing... I cant seem to make up my mind how to categorize this thing. The color is rather sheer pink-coral, with a little silver/clear glitter. I find all the shades I tried in my local drugstore to behave similarly. Certainly buildable, but do not expect it to turn opaque. The swatch on the left is made of single swipe, the one on the right is 3-4 swipes.

The packaging is slightly different than other lipsticks, but it looks kinda plasticky and the surface is slightly uneven...which unfortunately makes it looks cheap.

The product inside, on the other hand, is heavenly... glides like lip balm but it colors my lips wish smooth sheer nice color. On my dry dry dry lips, it is not drying at all! A little moisturizing, and certainly not drying. I am hooked. This has become one of my purse’s resident lipstick for a few weeks now.

It doesn’t last very long on lips, about 1-2 hours, but I don’t mind reapplying, as it makes my lips feels nice.

I couldn’t detect any scent in this product. Which is OK to me, as I am not too particular about scent, except strong plasticky/waxy scent you can sniff miles away from older generation cheaper lipsticks...

The color range is rather nice, L’oreal offers pinks, corals, browns and reds too. All sheer, of course.

In summary...
Packaging: light plastic...I don’t personally fancy it.
Color offering: 4/5
Price: SGD 19.9
Texture: glides smoothly like lip balm *heart*
Moisturizing: 4/5
Staying power: approx 2 hours with drinks in between
Will I buy more? When I finish this one, I will. I am considering the pinks now... hmmm....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge in Sugar Milk Tea 04

Now that I don’t have big budgets to buy perfumes, I temporarily switch to indulge my other hobby: colors! Make up! Yay! At least they are cheaper than a bottle of perfume... (trying to convince myself)

I am curious to try the nude lip look, so today I gotmyself: Canmake Nudy Glow Rouge in Sugar Milk Tea 04!!!
Canmake is Japanese brand I can usually find in select drugstores here in Singapore. Here’s what the website says about this gloss:

“Add a spark to the nude-look make-up trend!!! A liquid rouge in nude-look shades that will add color with just one application. Contains beauty essence, so your lips will maintain a long-lasting gloss without chapping. “
Here’s swatch on back of my hand.
When I saw these glosses, I feel like I wanted them all! Was tempted to get both Sweet Milk Tea 04 and Rose Macaroon 01. I do think all suits Asian skin very well, very soft and nice looking in the bottle. On hand, the color is so creamy and rather opaque, lovely! The name of the shade really reminds me of milk tea... yum! In the bottle I could see very soft shimmer, but when I swatched it on my hand and lips, I can barely see it.

The plastic bottle has clear plastic ‘glove’ with features and color code written in Japanese (and a bit of English, of course)

The liquid inside is rather runny, when I pulled the wand, some drops threatened to fall. Now, on the lips, it is not sticky, but if it is a windy day, some hair would still got stuck.

Unfortunately, Nudy Glow have tendency to gather on crevices of the lips, so if you have dry lips like me, it is not so pretty... may be wearing lipbalm below would help a bit. Nudy Glow lasted 2 hours on me, with tea sippings in between.

In summary...
Packaging: cute but simple, light clear plastic bottle
Color offering:4/5 for Asian skin
Price: SGD 19.9
Texture: slightly runny, not so sticky
Moisturizing: 3/5
Staying power: approx 2 hours with drinks in between
Will I buy more? Not really...