Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pigeon UV Protection Compact Powder in Pink

Pigeon is one of my favorite baby products brand. I love the fragrance, the logo, everything… and today, I decided to venture to Pigeon’s products for adults.

Pigeon is Japanese company produces mainly baby and mother products… toiletries, pacifiers, diapers … In some Asian countries; I’ve seen some products made for adults, mainly face powders. This one claims to contain jojoba, chamomile and microfine Zinc Oxide for UV protection. No SPF number seen anywhere in the packaging though.

The pressed powder is packaged in pretty standard plastic compact with mirror and puff inside. The puff is so thin and the velvety material tends to shed and stick to the mirror though. The brand offers several shades like ivory, gold, beige, etc… I picked pink, because I think that would be more suitable for me. Unfortunately it is waaaaayyy to fair for my skin tone. That’s what you get for buying without seeing the actual color! Heh…

The product is fragranced, powdery fragrance. Quite pleasant IMO. And it is pretty pigmented, so… don’t get one which doesn’t match your skin tone… you will look ashy! Not the finest powder I’ve tried… but hey… with that price (reapprox USD 3.30) and quantity (20gr) I don’t think I can complain of anything.

Don’t think I will use this, but I love the mirror… So I’m keeping it for the mirror!

@ Anonymous:  I got mine in Guardian -one of the shopping malls of Jakarta.

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