Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rosette Hello Kitty Cleansing Paste for Normal Skin

I think I hauled everything Hello Kitty and Rosette from That feline charm…ohhh..cant resist!

Actually by the time I purchased this, I have no idea what is cleansing paste. Anything with such a pretty design and that little puddy tat kitty cat on the packaging…I will buy! Look at the box! So pretty! Seems like Rosette really knows what to do to make me buy their products! This Japanese brand offer various cute skincare products.

And the tube… just adorable! I wont throw the tube away after I’m done with what’s inside!

I simply adore the packaging concept. It has this plastic cover inside the tube, which you are not supposed to take off by the way. This cover keeps the paste clean and dry. Just gently lift the stopper to reveal the pale yellow thick paste. Press the plastic cover to push the product out when needed. I say…genius!

Pale yellow paste contains sulfur for softening the skin and preventing chapped skin and acne! How lovely. Gentle for face, but will help a lot with those with troubled skin elsewhere… bacne… arm acne etc…
It has nice clean-powdery smell. I only detected only a hint of sulfur smell. Nothing intrusive really.

The cleansing paste is … well… paste. The texture is like regular creamy Asian facial wash (only thicker) which will produce nice soft bouncy foam and leave your skin squeaky clean. My face is mostly oily (with some occasional dry patch on side of cheek), so this is perfect for me. Cleanse my oily face totally! It might be too drying for others with dry or sensitive skin though.

Is it worth it?
Yes if… you are Hello Kitty fan, you want squeaky clean face, you want to keep your cleanser clean and nice
No if… you hate online shopping

Overall.. I am pretty sure I’m gonna purchase this again! Really good product. This comes in 2 variant; for normal skin (pink) and for dry skin (baby blue). USD 7.8 a pop from, I do think this is a good price

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