Monday, June 27, 2011

Baby Foot Easy Pack

I have always been interested with this product... partly because of the gross picture of dead skin peeling from sole of feet in the promo ads.
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Sounds nice if that can happen to my feet. My foot skin is really dry and rough. I’ve scrubbed it, moisturize it... using physical scrub, exfoliating products... none ever worked.
When I saw this in, I just hit the ‘buy’ button! 
Wont go into details on how to use it here... many websites and the instruction leaflets described it nicely already. What I don’t really fancy is the fact that I have to bear wearing the moist plastic socks for two hours... I hate moist socks!
Moist socks aside... let’s fast forward 2 days after my first application... nothing yet...
Day 3... whoaaaa.... my skin started to dry up and peel  easily. As tempting as it might be, I strongly do not recommend you to pull your skin while your feet is dry. It hurts. Trust me... I tried!
By day 4, I learnt that soaking up feet in warm water and scrubbing slowly with gentle scrub will make the peeling process faster and easier... minus the pain.
For me, the peeling lasts for about 4 days (after initial peeling). Since the first application until the peeling process is completed, I abstained from applying any lotion on my feet. Just to make the dead skin dry faster and peel off faster too.
A little gross, granted. But my feet feels smooth after all the peelings. It doesn’t completely remove ultra hard patches of skin on your feet... but it helps.
I would definitely re-purchase this one!

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