Monday, June 20, 2011

Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream

Okay.. actually I didn’t want to get this one... I wanted a tomatox mask... but when I saw appletox sold in package together with red fruit shaped container... I just grabbed it. by the time I have time to really take a look at it... if found out...
Haha.. it is the Red Appletox Honey Cream.
I wont go in to details about the packaging... what can I say.. it looks like apple, as big as apple and I hope it is as good as apple. 
Now...The nice thing is, it comes with a small spatula. I don’t really get the spatula part until I open the seal...

Woah... gooey golden honey-like cream inside! It smells faintly of apple, but on application the smell just dissipates.

The texture is just like how it looks.. ooey gooey gel-like stuff. Super moisturizing and cooling during application. I find it too moisturizing even for my dry skin, makes are of my face which is not usually oily-to feel oily. May be it is the humid air here... might be wonderful for drier climate...
In summary...
Packaging: just like apple!
Texture: ooey gooey honey colored gel
Is it worth it?
Yes if ... your skin is ultra dry, you live in drier climate
No if... you live in more humid climate, you don’t want to bother finding online retailer or buying marked up Singaporean price

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