Friday, June 17, 2011

Holika Holika Midnight Owl Highlighter 01

Compared to other Korean brands, Holika Holika is pretty new for me, I just discovered it recently. They brand themselves in a pretty unique way... not princess or pretty... but more lighthearted gothic-magical. Look at the logo...I think I see silhouette of a witch here...

Anyways... branding aside... who wont be attracted with this one...

First, I adore adore adore the packaging. Just like its name suggests, Midnight Owl highlighter features golden owl perching on tree branch. The tree and other silhouette is printed in deep aubergine, pretty detailed and very lovely.

The brush comes with the compact highlighter. It is pretty soft and surprisingly a pleasure to use.

Once you open the compact, you have to open another clear plastic covering. On top of the plastic cover, you put the brush. I like the design. No mess on my highlighter and so easy to use!

Now the product... it features owl perching on tree. The nice thing is not overspray! Hurrah! The owl design actually stays.

The powder are light lavender, deep lavender, pearly white, peach and baby blue.. here it is swatched one by one.

This is totally lovely to use. Just swirl you brush and voila! It is shimmery and makes my face glow when I use it. I am in love...

In summary...
Packaging: cute and easy to use
Color offering: Midnight Owl only comes in highlighter (01) and blush (02)
Price: KRW 20,000
Texture: fine, shimmery and easy to use.
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you just adore Owls, you like the design, you want compact highlighter for travels,
No if... you don’t want to go internet shopping

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