Saturday, June 18, 2011

Holika Holika Egg Soap Set – White Egg, Red Clay, Green Tea & Charcoal

I do think egg soap or egg shaped soap is on the rise now... anything related to pore seems to have egg shape nowadays... knowing Asian’s general obsession on making pore smaller and reducing blackheads... naturally, few Korean brands have egg products.
This one is from Holika Holika, the whimsical magical brand from Korea...

I got a set of four types of egg soap from them. The soaps came in cute recycleable carton egg container. But since my luggage was full already, I threw away the egg carton and bring home only the eggs...
Guess I don’t have to explain which color is which... 
Holika claims that these soaps are handmade, how handmade it is... I’m not sure. Now, don’t expect soap as big as chicken eggs, they are more of quail egg size.
These soaps are supposed to make my pores smaller and blackhead to be gone. Sounds like a dream! Just use them instead of your regular facial wash! Sounds simple...and indeed it is simple. Some says you need to lather it in your hands then use the foam. Since I don’t fancy messy foam, I just rub the soap lightly on my wet face. Now, it doesn’t lather as much when I use it this way, and when the soap is still around, It just feel like gel. But after it is washed... my skin feels soooo refreshed and clean. Lovely!
It has fresh-powdery floral scent that seems to be everywhere in Holika Holika’s products... doesn’t bother me much, since the smell doesn’t linger after washing the soap with water.
In summary...
Packaging: standard for egg soaps (egg carton lookalike), but unique to regular soap standard
Variants: egg white original, red clay, green tea and charcoal
Price: KRW 15,000 for a set of 4 (assorted variants)

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