Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kose Visee Glossy Nude Rouge – Visee feat Smacky Glam in Bitter Beige BE 305

I totally adore Visee’s collaboration with Japanese fashion brands! Usually this will result in adorable packaging and pretty, easy to wear make up range! Unfortunately, it is not the easiest to get hold of these collections for me. Not so long time ago, I saw this baby in stock in, and I just grabbed it!
Visee is a drugstore brand from Kose. Don’t let the drugstore status fool you! Japanese drugstore stuff are actually of good quality and most of the time- totally worth the money!
Now, I have no idea what kind of brand is Smacky Glam. But from the look of it – looks like it has some kind of retro boho feel. See those flowers printed on the gloss tube!
On to the gloss… it is not the most pigmented gloss I’ve seen. And, unfortunately for me, like most nude gloss I’ve tried – Bitter Beige clings to my lip lines-making my lips look wrinkly and ugly. I guess this issue roots from its less sticky formula. Definitely not as sticky/heavy as MAC lipglass (my favorite lipglass- the pink Viva Glam Gaga, which has sticky formula, doesn’t cling to my liplines) and not light as MAC cremesheen or YSL glosses. I suppose applying lip pencil or nude  lipstick will help overcome this problem.
Wear time is very short. The nude color pretty much wears off by the 2nd hour of wear.
For me, this is not a love. But those who love to wear nude lippies- this will the perfect product to add glossy sheen on your lips!
-          I am not affiliated to, I just love to shop there. The service is good, fast and reliable~

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