Friday, May 10, 2013

Lucido L Hair Wax < Moisture >

Lucido L is famous Japanese hair care brand; it is pretty easy to find their product in local pharmacies such as Watsons in Singapore. Yet, I happened to purchase mine when from Bangkok. Doesn’t matter… since all are made in Japan (I think…), the quality should be the same with the Singaporean stock.

Anyways, I love love love Lucido L for their innovation. Seems like every other day they churn out new products … newer products always seems prettier, more potent, more interesting … which means, I end up with numerous tubes of unfinished hair products but end up getting more. All of that aside…

This is another new one from Lucido L: the new hair wax comes in 6 variants to address different concern from making voluptuous volumes to adding juicy moisture. All packaged in pretty, colorful tubs…  for my fried, chemically processed hair…I got the one to add moisture, of course… and it comes in pretty pink tub!

Lucido L says this tub contains double hyaluronic acid to provide long lasting moisture- creating shiny, lively and smooth hair. it also contains non sticky powder to absorb oil and penetrating hyaluronic acid to add moisture.

The light glossy cream smells of light fruity floral fragrance. The lovely cream is absorbed easily without making my hair feels heavy. But… I don’t feel much moisture from this baby. Of course, directly after application, there is moisturizing feeling, but after it has been fully absorbed by my fried hair, I don’t feel any difference. One thing I love from this wax is it doesn’t feel silicone-y at all! A little dash of silicone in my hair wax or oil is good, but too much of them… I am getting kinda bored with tonnes of silicone laden products out there…   

Anyways… bottomline…
Pretty tube never fails to tempt me to purchase from this range. This might be moisturizing enough for those whose hair is not as fried as mine. For me, this didn’t have any effect. 

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