Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Etude House Dear My Essence Lips Talk ...cant wait to try!

I have been waiting for a while for new Etude House make up release… and today when I checked its website, I am soo delighted to see new line of lippies on sale. Continuing from the Dear My collection released earlier, this time Etude released Dear My Essence Lips Talk. Available in 8 cute colors. The packaging reminded me of earlier release from Miss Tangerine collection- slender click style tube. Beware, don’t twist too much product, as it cant retract…

I am digging PK003 and PK004!
I’ve noticed other new products … like this highlighter compact powder aka Facial Lines Brightener:
Eye shadow palette called Look At My Eyes 3 step eye shadow in pinks, browns and blacks...

Of course, an Etude House release wont be complete without a new line of BB cream aka BB Pearl Clear + its vibrating applicator:

Mascara aka 3 Step Volumecara curling mascara, which kinda reminds me of Rimmel’s and Bourjois’s release from last/two years back…

Magic Bubble Creamy Peeling Wash, which I think is an upgraded version of their popular Magic Bubble Peeling

Which one suits your fancy? I am going to lurk on evilbay and my local Etude House counters for that cute lippie! 

(all pictures taken from etude.co.kr)

Estee Lauder Take It Away Make Up Remover

When I was re-arranging my travel toiletries pouch, I realized I need new travel sized make up remover. That’s when I rediscovered this small tube of Estee Lauder Take It Away. I got it as part of a skin care package I purchased few months back. 

I am so used with oil make up remover, I kinda hesitate putting this inside my pouch- the last thing I want to see during end of a tiring day is a not effective make up remover. Previously I had Majolica Majorca Eyes Reset Gel tube, however I find it not potent enough to clean my MAC Liquidlast, or even Kiss Me Liquid Eyeliner.
Back to Estee’s  make up remover… Estee Website says: Rinses away easily and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with no greasy after feel or oily residue. Lets see if this is true.
The cream is white in color and has light texture. I tried it against MAC Liquidlast, Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Eye Liner and Kiss Me Liquid Eyeliner. Light massaging on the liners for a minute or so dissolves the eyeliner. I rinsed the creamy residue with water afterwards; it doesn’t leave my skin overly greasy. And, as always, I washed my skin with mild soap. So far, back of hand test is satisfactory. 

Now, I am going to try it on my face. Today I am wearing Integrate palette and Urban Decay 24/7 pencil on my eyes... to my delight, it is super easy to take my eye make up off with this remover. the cream is light and can be easily massaged in.  no stinging or blurry eyes after using this. easily washed out too. i continued with my regular facial wash.

I do think this is a great make up remover for my travel pouch. at home, i still prefer my oil removers. i am going to repurchase it if they sell small travel sized tubes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kose Visee Glam Pink Eyes in PK 2 Coral Pink

From Spring 2012 release I got myself Glam Pink Eyes in PK2 from Visee, this time Visee doesn’t collaborate with any clothing brand. It kinda reminds me of The Body Shop’s Shimmer Waves…several shades in a palette kind of concept...way cuter packaging thou.
(picture from visee.jp)

 similar, yes? (picture from thebodyshop-usa.com)

The Glam Pink Eyes is available in 5 color combos- mauve, berry, peach, coral and beige. Along with Glam Pink Eyes, Visee also releases black colored Real Extension Mascara. I picked Coral Pink…since it looks like an easy going palette… which I am going to attempt to use as highlighter/blush as well… lets see if that works…

The packaging! As usual, very pretty detailed bow adorn the palette. Making it pop from my collection of other Japanese eye palettes. The color itself ranges from pinkish ivory, pinkish light copper, light pinkish coral and light warm brown- of course, all are shimmery. of course it has the simple how-to diagram...

Pigmentation wise it is pretty good and the product feels silky soft, super easy to blend too.

The color is too pretty to be reserved for eyes only, so I tried using it as highlighter. I used super light hand with soft brush… and it I kinda like the result- soft warm glow. Of course, you have to be careful, as too much product will make you look like discoball here. As a blush, I don’t think it works... need more color to be seen on my cheeks, while it reaches the desired color intensity, the shimmer goes overboard…
I like this one…easy to use product with lovely structure. But do I need more colors? I don’t think so… one palette is pretty representative of the collection.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shiseido Integrate Pure Big Eyes in GR777

This palette is part of summer 2012 release from Shiseido’s Integrate brand. I cant deny that the reason why I got this is the cutesy clover shaped palette…

There’s 9 palettes available with one of them being limited edition. I picked up GR777: a combination of shimmery beige pearl, light shimmery copper, soft forest green and warm brown liner + silvery shimmer powder.

Just like every Japanese drugstore brand palette I’ve purchased, this comes with simple how-to diagram.

I am very happy with the pigmentation, even though they are not exactly pigment bombs. All of the colors shows up nicely on my skin. Very suitable for daily office friendly looks. I find the liner being more pigmented compared to other Japanese drugstore palettes I owned. Unfortunately, the color does fade a little along the day. With no primer, I don’t experience major fallout- but with the shimmer powder on, it does fall a bit.

I think it is worth is price if you are looking for daily palette that’s easy to use and blend. But for a collector, the colors might be repetitive.

Things I Finished This Month...

Things I finished this month…
For me and my hoarding instinct, it is very difficult to finish cosmetics. I rarely, if ever, finished even a tub of lipstick or hit the pan on eye shadows. Yet I keep buying for more… look at that pretty color! What a cute packaging! Fabulous formula! Or simply, I think I need a back up blue-pink with little pearly shimmer gloss… haha…
This month, I finished…

Stila Lip Glaze in apricot 08
Yeah! A gloss finished! I know why I manage finish this one… this is my resident in-office gloss. The one and only gloss on the table. Apricot is sheer peachy-apricot with just a hint of shimmer. It doesn’t contribute any color when worn alone or on top of lippie. The finish is super glossy, yet the shimmer is not noticeable when worn. I find the formula to be a little thick, but not as thick as some MAC lipglasses I owned. In the beginning I love the click pen packaging, but come to hate it. Too much product this time. Now too little product! I really have to learn how to control the click pen.
Sample Sized Skin 79 BB Diamond The Prestige Beblesh Balm

I got this one in a box set of four. Been hearing a lot about Skin 79 BB Creams, but I dont think I want to commit to a full bottle, hence the set. As usual, BB creams has lots of claims: whitening, erasing fine lines, hydrating, protecting against environmental aggressors… and the list goes on. This one is okay, doesn’t address my problem (oily T zone), but I like the coverage just fine. It gives me natural look. But I wont repurchase or commit to a full sized product…

Biore make up remover oil
I forgot what is the exact name of this Biore make up cleanser oil. This was one of my first tries of oil cleansers. Good enough for light make up cleansing. It takes a little massaging and effort to remove my favorite MAC liquidlast. As I have found and tried quite a few other brands, this is no longer a favorite. I used it when I am having lazy days make up (bb cream, blush, eye liner). Easy to use, but wont repurchase

Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar Hand Therapy
Again, I got this one as part of a hand therapy set. I finished the other tubs. The main difference in Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy range is just the fragrance. I don’t see difference in texture or ‘feeling’ when used this one or Rose or Summer Hill or other fragranced Hand Therapy. The cream is thick and creamy, gets absorbed easily. However, it does feel a little siliconey (it does list silicone products in the ingredient list). After washing/rinsing my hand, I do feel like there’s a layer of something on my hand. Which make me decide not to repurchase, even though I like Summer Hill fragrance so much…

Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream

Ah...part of my fruit shaped stash! Honestly, got this just because I havent got nice peach in my stash! The cream is thick and creamy, yet get absorbed easily. frangranced like peaches of course. I like the way the cream moisturizes my hands without leaving my skin feels like there's a film on top of it. Strange thing though, the cream starts creamy and easily absorbed, but as i approached the bottom, i strongly feel the cream is getting more dense and harder to absorb... it even pills (forms soft balls) on the last day i used it...definitely not gonna repurchase this!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nivea Sun Face Moist Beauty Essence Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

After using Nivea Sun Face Moist Beauty Smooth Milk and liking it, I decided to purchase its twin sister… the Essence Cream.
(picture from adambeauty.com)
The main difference that’s so obvious between the two is the packaging; the Essence cream has squeeze-able plastic tube as the packaging. Also, just as the name suggest- Essence cream is more creamy than the light and milky Smooth Milk. The light cream is pinkish peachy in color- yet the color disappear when you start blending in. no worries, it is easily absorbed and leaves my skin lightly moisturized. Fragrance wise they are the same.
While Smooth Milk is light and easy – suitable for humid summer days, the Essence cream is more moisturizing. I like popping essence cream in my travel pouch- for those days I am too lazy or days too humid to wear separate moisturizer and sunscreen.
When I felt lazy, I even skipped my light moisturizer and put on a little extra dollop of this easily absorbed essence, and I am happy with the result. As long as I dont work too long in air conditioned room... then I would need little help from separate moisturizer to offset the dry air-con  environment.
At this rate, I think I will repurchase these sisters soon enough! I like the lightly moisturizing effect, the small compact packaging, the price… almost everything!

Benico x Hello Kitty Petit Macaron Can Cheek in PM03

Yes, I will grab anything with this kitty slapped on the packaging… okay, almost anything…
Among plethora of macaron style (translate: blush in rounded small tins) cheek products, this one pops out almost instantly just because it has Hello Kitty on top of it. I didn’t do any research on it prior to purchasing this baby.
(picture from cosmopolitan.co.hk)

That is why… I cant point out which country does this Benico brand come from. This is my first product from them. From the language at the bottom of the tin it looks Japanese, but it might come from hong kong considering I found a Cosmopolitan.com.hk article on it. But the bottom says ‘for sale in japan only’. Yet it also says ‘made in PROC’ – made in china for short. Count me confused…anyways, lets move on to the product…
Seems like there’s 4 color offered by Benico x Hello Kitty...ranging from apricot, mauvey rose to poppy pink. I got PM03 that is poppy candy pink offering smooth satin finish. Of course, just like other macaron blushes, it comes with cutesy yet useless white puff (not pinkish as in the adambeauty's picture below) adorned with a pink ribbon. As comparison, Majolica Majorca’s puff de cheek has bigger tin compared to Benico’s.
(picture from adambeauty.com)
I am rather pleased with the pigmentation…one light touch is perfect for me. Just be careful not to pick too much product…beware of clown cheeks… it gives me satin finish that last until the end of the day (I always use moisturizer and sunblock, but sometime I skip foundation and go direct to loose powder).

Count me quite happy with this purchase. It has cute factor and the pigmentation offsets the confusion I got regarding the source of the brand/product in the beginning.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kiss Me Nail Mente Top Coat Gel Shine

Kiss Me is a Japanese brand more famous for their super waterproof mascaras and BB creams. But they do have nail line as well… for example, this one: Nail Mente Top Coat Gel Shine.
(picture from adambeauty.com)
This is one of the popular japanse gel style top coats which many other brands like esprique and ettusais offer. No, this is not the UV cured top coats….this is in fact a regular top coat. Just designed to give your nail that slick glossy finish. Kinda making it look like gel polish /wet polish. Even though it appears wet, no worries, after it really dries, it is not as squishy as it looks.
I do like the consistency, it is not too thick, not too runny. Dry time is fast also- faster than OPI top coat but slower than Seche Vite. In term of gloss, it makes my nail appear super glossy –way glossier than my regular Seche Vite.
Definitely I will repurchase! Easy to use and I like the glossiness it gives. It can revitalize my manicure mid week..just when my top coat got scratched and start losing its luster-I would put this on top and it looks as fresh as 3 hours old manicure!
I got mine from adambeauty.com

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Etude House Hair Coloring in 1 Deep Black

In attempt to make my dried fried frizzy hair look more glossy, I’ve decided to dye my hair…black. And off I go, picking up a box of Etude House Hair Coloring in 1 Deep Black.
(picture from etude.co.kr)

Etude House is cosmetic brand from South Korea, which offers everything a girl might need in her powder room. From lipsticks, creams, shampoo…to hair color! This box I picked, is one of the popular Asian style bubble hair color.
How is it different from our usual L’oreal box? No mixing and combing required! Inside the box you will find a pump bottle filled with colorant (labeled no.2) , another pouch of colorant (labeled no. 1) , a small sachet of conditioner, a pair of gloves and a piece of clear plastic sheet. I do like the fact that they include the plastic sheet to be worn as collar to protect my shirt from the possible dripping bubbles.
I usually use Kao Prettia to dye, this time I’m gonna compare it with Etude House’s. Same rules here, open the colorant pouch and empty the content to the pump bottle. Close securely and mix by shaking it gently once or twice. No need to shake violently ala bartender or making milkshake here…. The colorants will mix easily. Now, just wear the plastic piece as collar to protect your shirt and wear the gloves. Squeeze the bottle to dispense creamy-ivory colored soft bubble. Massage on your hair.  My thick shoulder length hair needs a bottle to get all evenly covered. Then wait about 30 minutes. Proceed by washing with water as usual. I don’t shampoo after coloring… I just use conditioner to make my hair feel softer after dying. Oh, one more important thing, start with dried hair! Not wet hair.
Now, unlike Prettia or Liese I usually use, this one feel harsh on hair. As in, my hair actually feels crunchy during the coloring process. That’s why I use my own conditioner to tame my frizzy and all tangled hair after washing the dye. After the conditioner, I applied generous amount of my favorite Vrai argan oil and air dry my hair while combing carefully. But, in contrast to Liese which has rather strong smell, Etude House doesn’t smell strong at all…
Beware, just like other brands, the color will still bleed after a few washes.
After all the necessary precautionary conditioning, oil slathering, serum doping I did on my hair after the coloring… I am happy with the result. My hair is now, black and shiny. It is still stiff and frizzy, but at least it look shinier.
I like this one, primarily because of the addition of the plastic sheet to cover my shirt! And the smell is not as pungent as other brands I’ve tried. I’m going to repurchase when I need to dye my hair again.

(picture from etude.co.kr)