Thursday, August 9, 2012

Benico x Hello Kitty Petit Macaron Can Cheek in PM03

Yes, I will grab anything with this kitty slapped on the packaging… okay, almost anything…
Among plethora of macaron style (translate: blush in rounded small tins) cheek products, this one pops out almost instantly just because it has Hello Kitty on top of it. I didn’t do any research on it prior to purchasing this baby.
(picture from

That is why… I cant point out which country does this Benico brand come from. This is my first product from them. From the language at the bottom of the tin it looks Japanese, but it might come from hong kong considering I found a article on it. But the bottom says ‘for sale in japan only’. Yet it also says ‘made in PROC’ – made in china for short. Count me confused…anyways, lets move on to the product…
Seems like there’s 4 color offered by Benico x Hello Kitty...ranging from apricot, mauvey rose to poppy pink. I got PM03 that is poppy candy pink offering smooth satin finish. Of course, just like other macaron blushes, it comes with cutesy yet useless white puff (not pinkish as in the adambeauty's picture below) adorned with a pink ribbon. As comparison, Majolica Majorca’s puff de cheek has bigger tin compared to Benico’s.
(picture from
I am rather pleased with the pigmentation…one light touch is perfect for me. Just be careful not to pick too much product…beware of clown cheeks… it gives me satin finish that last until the end of the day (I always use moisturizer and sunblock, but sometime I skip foundation and go direct to loose powder).

Count me quite happy with this purchase. It has cute factor and the pigmentation offsets the confusion I got regarding the source of the brand/product in the beginning.  

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