Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nivea Sun Face Moist Beauty Essence Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

After using Nivea Sun Face Moist Beauty Smooth Milk and liking it, I decided to purchase its twin sister… the Essence Cream.
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The main difference that’s so obvious between the two is the packaging; the Essence cream has squeeze-able plastic tube as the packaging. Also, just as the name suggest- Essence cream is more creamy than the light and milky Smooth Milk. The light cream is pinkish peachy in color- yet the color disappear when you start blending in. no worries, it is easily absorbed and leaves my skin lightly moisturized. Fragrance wise they are the same.
While Smooth Milk is light and easy – suitable for humid summer days, the Essence cream is more moisturizing. I like popping essence cream in my travel pouch- for those days I am too lazy or days too humid to wear separate moisturizer and sunscreen.
When I felt lazy, I even skipped my light moisturizer and put on a little extra dollop of this easily absorbed essence, and I am happy with the result. As long as I dont work too long in air conditioned room... then I would need little help from separate moisturizer to offset the dry air-con  environment.
At this rate, I think I will repurchase these sisters soon enough! I like the lightly moisturizing effect, the small compact packaging, the price… almost everything!

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