Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lavshuca Double Color Lip Stick in PK-1 (model color)

Who wouldn’t be intrigued with the idea of two tone lip color? It should help define the lips without the need of having multiple shade in hand. Plus, it means I’m carrying 2 colors of lippie in a small tube! Such a space saver!

This baby was launched together with Girly Cheek Whip, which I also purchased

The idea is each lipstick consists of 2 matching colors, deeper one meant for the outer lips and lighter one (Lavshuca calls it 'glow color') for the inner. This will create illusion of fuller lips. PK-1 is combo of super wearable pinky mauve and light shimmery warm pink. Looks like a great combo. 
 yes... I was not patient enough to try this. I've forgotten to take the unused bullet picture before trying it on...
You can see the difference of light and deep color in my hand swatch here... the line is clearly visible. I do think it looks way better and much more wearable after blending.

Like most Japanese lip products, this baby is not fragranced or flavored. 

First, I tried to apply it as Lavschuca intended to: the darker outside and lighter inside. I find that I still need to blend to make my lipcolor look natural. Else, you will end up with dark lipliner look that’s on the rage in the 90s. not a look I am coveting right now. A little blending by pursing your lips will suffice. The light color is too light compared to the darker shade. In my lip swatch here, I simply blended the colros inward with my fingertip. 

I find the darker color to finish faster than the lighter shade when applied as intended. May be it is just the way I handle my lipstick… but for me, that’s what happened.

Unfortunately, this lippie is not moisturizing for me. Makes sense, since they have to have sturdy bullet for this 2 colors in one bullet idea. Harder bullets are usually more drying. Plus, it makes my dry lips look even drier. But balm on top or underneath will help tremendously. I also find the color a little staining. In the end of the day my lips looks pretty pinkish.

as much as i love the novel idea, i dont think the formula is cutting it for me. it is simply not moisturizing enough. the color is pretty though...

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