Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream #1 Harp Seal

Missing U is series of hand cream packaged is ultra-cute tubs from Korean brand, Etude House. Missing U series also offers lip balms in tins. Each type/fragrance features one endangered species: harp seal, pink dolphin, penguin & panda. I got Harp Seal.

(picture from

So, that's pink dolphin, panda, harp seal and penguin from top-clockwise.

The box is environmental friendly made of recycled paper and soy ink. The cream contains herbs, shea butter and olives to moisturize & soothe abused hands… one more thing, it only contains 30mL of products.

The cream is glossy and feels refreshing when applied. It has light lavender-flowery fragrance, which I enjoyed a lot. Easily absorbed & doesn’t feel siliconey. It doesn’t feel filmy after hand washing too. 

However, it is not so moisturizing. My hands feel lightly moisturized and comfortable after application, but it doesn’t help as much as body butters (like The Body Shop body butter does).

Cream is of okay quality; however I am going to repurchase this just because I like the packaging so much. The seal looks lonely standing by itself on my desk… haha…

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