Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kose Cosmeport Salon-Style Precious Head Spa Secret Knight Repair EX

I’m always up to fun treatments or anything that promises hair repair. Kose Salon Style Secret Knight Repair EX fits the bill.

It promises no stickiness when applied. I agree with Kose, sticky hair during sleep is no fun. The product will moisturize your hair deeply and maintain it.

The product contains wonderful ingredients such as orange essential oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, hot spring water and herbal extracts.

I washed my hair, air dry it and apply. Salon Style specifically mentions to make sure your hair is dry when used. Oh, don’t make my silly mistake – shake the bottle thoroughly before dispensing. Else, you wont get mousse, but milky liquid mess instead. When shaken properly and the bottle held upright, the soft mousse will be dispensed nicely. Somehow the mousse expands in volume a few seconds after dispensing. So, I highly suggest dispensing small amount, ping pong ball sized mousse at a time.

The product was easily absorbed, leaving no residue behind. My hair was soft and silky to touch afterwards. I applied it in the evening after shampooing, leaving it on overnight. The next morning, my hair is still nice to touch, but I don’t feel it as moisture as much as I liked it to be. When I did this test, I skipped my usual leave on hair oils/ LUSH R&B moisturizer during drying process. Nowadays, I am applied Salon Style Secret Knight Repair EX after my regular hair moisturizers.

Nice to have, but not essential at all. But this might be a wonderful product for those who just want silkier hair. For me and my fried dried processed hair, won’t repurchase. 

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