Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kose Cosmeport Salon-Style Precious Head Spa Secret Knight Repair EX

I’m always up to fun treatments or anything that promises hair repair. Kose Salon Style Secret Knight Repair EX fits the bill.

It promises no stickiness when applied. I agree with Kose, sticky hair during sleep is no fun. The product will moisturize your hair deeply and maintain it.

The product contains wonderful ingredients such as orange essential oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, hot spring water and herbal extracts.

I washed my hair, air dry it and apply. Salon Style specifically mentions to make sure your hair is dry when used. Oh, don’t make my silly mistake – shake the bottle thoroughly before dispensing. Else, you wont get mousse, but milky liquid mess instead. When shaken properly and the bottle held upright, the soft mousse will be dispensed nicely. Somehow the mousse expands in volume a few seconds after dispensing. So, I highly suggest dispensing small amount, ping pong ball sized mousse at a time.

The product was easily absorbed, leaving no residue behind. My hair was soft and silky to touch afterwards. I applied it in the evening after shampooing, leaving it on overnight. The next morning, my hair is still nice to touch, but I don’t feel it as moisture as much as I liked it to be. When I did this test, I skipped my usual leave on hair oils/ LUSH R&B moisturizer during drying process. Nowadays, I am applied Salon Style Secret Knight Repair EX after my regular hair moisturizers.

Nice to have, but not essential at all. But this might be a wonderful product for those who just want silkier hair. For me and my fried dried processed hair, won’t repurchase. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX BeBe Lip Mask

A new trend is on the rage in Korea…  cue from the existence of similar product from The Face Shop and Etude House. I’m sure sooner other brands will follow. Ladies and gents, I’m going to try the lip mask! 

picture from: http://blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=etudeblog&skinType=&skinId=&from=menu&userSelectMenu=true

picture from: thefaceshop.net.my
Yes, the Korean cosmetic brands think we need more mask in our beauty life. We have the generic sheet face mask, the indulging gel eye mask, the borderline annoying hand mask… and now, lip mask. 

These days my lips is as dry as Sahara, so I grabbed this baby from The Face Shop. 

Each pack contains a set of gel-with-muslin cloth backing mask. One shaped for your upper lip and one for the lower lip.

Upon opening, the gel mask pieces are safely nestled in hard plastic ‘casing’, which you need to open. Then you have to peel both hard plastic backings, to reveal the gel-muslin cloth mask. Put it on your clean lips for 10-20 minutes. As simple as that. 

Now the result…  here’s my before and after… and, please..., pardon the chapped lips....

I can definitely feel that my lip is softer and a little plumper than before. To seal in this effect, I applied lip balm after rinsing the residual ‘serum’ with water. 

I can say I am happy with the result. This could be my lifesaver during bad-lips-days. yes, will repurchase when needed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jil Stuart Gel Eye Liner in 05 Gold Shell

Honestly, I have always stayed away from Jil Stuart for one reason: sheer pastel colors, shimmers and more glitters. The brand somehow manages to be strongly associated with pastel colors and glitters in my mind. And I love me some pigmented colors!

But… when I need eye liner for my lower lash line… I want something light which just opens my eyes more. So, I do think I need something pastel (Jil Stuart) with shimmer and glitters (also, Jil Stuart). So ... why not  try something from Jil? Plus, I love gel liners…they are precise, easy to manage and most of the time stays put on my rich oil-field eye lids. Plus… not many companies sell pastel gel liner.

Jil Stuart promises rich color and luster plus precise application. Just what I expected from my gel liners, even though in my experience with gel liners, the precise part is affected more by the brush used.
Here, I applied it with my trusty Kate gel liner brush. So cheap, so simple, so easy to use. I love this brush so much, I owned 3-4 back ups in my stash!

Ahem… yes, back to Jil’s liner… the packaging is no doubt going to be one of the prettiest, the girliest in my make up cupboard. Even the pink box is carefully embossed with design. And I just adore the frosted glass design.

Gold shell is pale cold gold with shimmers. From certain angle, it looks metallic, with that subtle shimmers sprinkled. I detected a whiff of fruity floral fragrance when I opened the tub. Why do you need a fragranced eye liner… only the people in Jil Stuart know.

The consistency is heavenly to use. I don’t have to dig deep to pick enough color on my brush. Single swipe is pigmented enough to give my eyes that needed pop.


Definite repurchase! Love the color and the texture. Still puzzled with the fragrance, but who cares… my eyes doesn’t smell any fragrance anyways.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lavshuca Girly Whip Cheek in PK-1

I was super duper excited every time creamy/liquid cheek product arrives in my doorstep. This baby from Lavshuca is not an exception. Whip Cheek comes in options of pinks, orange and red. This baby was launched in together with Lavshuca’s Double Color Lipstick.

The packaging really looks like lipgloss don’t you think? Even the sponge tip applicator reminds me of Revlon’s Colorburst gloss. Similarities to gloss aside, the material used here is good. The plastic tube is clear and feels sturdy despite being plastic. What I don’t fancy as much is the detailing on the mouth of the tube… the printing is tad rough… gives the cheap look.

The product promises natural looking flushed cheeks. The creamy-mousse transforms to powder upon application.

PK-1 is classic baby pink which I think, most Japanese cosmetic offers. While the color is not unique at all, I do love the lipgloss tube idea.

The sponge tipped applicator carries enough product each time. You just have to apply and blend. Blending was a breeze and the color buildable. It does immediately turns into powdery consistency upon application. However, I do think it feels a little silicone-y. for me personally, it doesn’t matter as much.

I adore the practical applicator, makes it super travel friendly. I do wish they come up with more pigmented color variations. Repurchase? Most probably ;)  

Lavshuca Double Color Lip Stick in PK-1 (model color)

Who wouldn’t be intrigued with the idea of two tone lip color? It should help define the lips without the need of having multiple shade in hand. Plus, it means I’m carrying 2 colors of lippie in a small tube! Such a space saver!

This baby was launched together with Girly Cheek Whip, which I also purchased

The idea is each lipstick consists of 2 matching colors, deeper one meant for the outer lips and lighter one (Lavshuca calls it 'glow color') for the inner. This will create illusion of fuller lips. PK-1 is combo of super wearable pinky mauve and light shimmery warm pink. Looks like a great combo. 
 yes... I was not patient enough to try this. I've forgotten to take the unused bullet picture before trying it on...
You can see the difference of light and deep color in my hand swatch here... the line is clearly visible. I do think it looks way better and much more wearable after blending.

Like most Japanese lip products, this baby is not fragranced or flavored. 

First, I tried to apply it as Lavschuca intended to: the darker outside and lighter inside. I find that I still need to blend to make my lipcolor look natural. Else, you will end up with dark lipliner look that’s on the rage in the 90s. not a look I am coveting right now. A little blending by pursing your lips will suffice. The light color is too light compared to the darker shade. In my lip swatch here, I simply blended the colros inward with my fingertip. 

I find the darker color to finish faster than the lighter shade when applied as intended. May be it is just the way I handle my lipstick… but for me, that’s what happened.

Unfortunately, this lippie is not moisturizing for me. Makes sense, since they have to have sturdy bullet for this 2 colors in one bullet idea. Harder bullets are usually more drying. Plus, it makes my dry lips look even drier. But balm on top or underneath will help tremendously. I also find the color a little staining. In the end of the day my lips looks pretty pinkish.

as much as i love the novel idea, i dont think the formula is cutting it for me. it is simply not moisturizing enough. the color is pretty though...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kose Nature & Co. Three Butters Lip Balm

This tiny baby comes from Nature & Co., natural-themed brand from Japanese giant, Kose. Right now, Nature & Co. offers 5 lines of products: Pure White, Vital Purity, Mint & Tea, Three Butters and Honey Blend. Of course, each line is dedicated to certain problem/needs of your skin or hair. Three butters has both face and body care products.

Meant for delicate, sensitive lips, the balm is packed with many natural ingredients like olive oil, safflower, cocoa seed oil and shea butter. Some of these ingredients are organic too.

First, I don’t need another lipbalm…. But I picked this up… since I adore the packaging so much. The small 5.8 gr brown jar is vintage looking and pretty. It is made of light plastic, yet feels hard and sturdy.

The balm itself is hard yet glossy. It melts upon contact with skin, so you don’t have to dig deep to get the balm. I find little goes along way, since it is so glossy. Unlike my trusty badger balm, I don’t think this is suitable for lipstick base… again, since it is glossy. To be used on top of the lippie, it is suitable.

Even though the packaging listed fragrance, I didn’t smell or taste discernable fragrance or taste. There is faint herby smell, but I wont detect it unless I bury my nose in the jar.

I rarely use balm/gloss on top of my lippie. So, I wont use this as much as other more base-suitable balms I own. However, I found that it made excellent cuticle balm and elbow balm. My dry patchy elbow loves this balm! Plus, due to the small size, I don’t feel guilty chucking it in my cosmetic pouch.

Another nice addition for my pouch. I like it as cuticle and elbow balm, but I don’t like it that much that I would repurchase. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Magic Pink Powder Mask

Ah… who can say no to packaging as cute as this. Just like my other purchases from The Face Shop or any Korean cosmetic brands … they were largely on impulse, courtesy of the super cute packaging. Dang… I don’t even have extra space in my sink to place this cute tub! Winking blue thing with a band aid on its forehead… how cute! Not to mention the plastic tub looks and feels sturdy too!

Ahem, yes... the product… the mask is a trio… one in smiley coral (Waterful Grapefruit), freckly yellow (Pore purifying Gasshoul) and mine: winking blue Magic Pink Powder. Magic Pink contains calamine and alicyclic acid to ease various skin problems.

I have been fond of calamine based stuff since I tried Lush’s Aqua Marina cleanser and Dreamwash. Especially Dreamwash… I just love the feeling it leaves my skin after sudsing up with it! Back to the mask, the color and texture is light non-dense cream, almost mousse like. The thick mousse mask does smell fresh, making it enjoyable to use.

My skin feels fresh after using this baby. Cooling and refreshing, especially on humid days. The nice thing is, it doesn’t make my skin feel taut after using. Unfortunately, for the easing skin problems claim, I couldn’t verify it, as right now, my skin is having its good skin days…

Fun mask for summers and humid days. Plus the cute packaging, this is irresistible for me, yet it is not essential. I am happy to have it, yet not dying without it. Repurchase? Most probably yes, if I couldn’t find better calamine based mask when I run out. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Etude House Missing U Hand Cream #1 Harp Seal

Missing U is series of hand cream packaged is ultra-cute tubs from Korean brand, Etude House. Missing U series also offers lip balms in tins. Each type/fragrance features one endangered species: harp seal, pink dolphin, penguin & panda. I got Harp Seal.

(picture from etude.co.kr)

So, that's pink dolphin, panda, harp seal and penguin from top-clockwise.

The box is environmental friendly made of recycled paper and soy ink. The cream contains herbs, shea butter and olives to moisturize & soothe abused hands… one more thing, it only contains 30mL of products.

The cream is glossy and feels refreshing when applied. It has light lavender-flowery fragrance, which I enjoyed a lot. Easily absorbed & doesn’t feel siliconey. It doesn’t feel filmy after hand washing too. 

However, it is not so moisturizing. My hands feel lightly moisturized and comfortable after application, but it doesn’t help as much as body butters (like The Body Shop body butter does).

Cream is of okay quality; however I am going to repurchase this just because I like the packaging so much. The seal looks lonely standing by itself on my desk… haha…

Monday, October 15, 2012

Segreta Glossy Hair Oil

Segreta line is hair care range for mature women by Kao, a Japanese cosmetic producer. Kao consider loss of shine and less luster to be of 40s ladies concern… little do they realize that I also have that concern! Ha! My dried fried processed hair is always lackluster… therefore, I am grabbing stuff from Segreta!
(picture from adambeauty.com)

One more surprise (at least for me…) Segreta is Italian for ‘secret’. And Christy Turlington was the first model for this brand!

Segreta Glossy Hair Oil promises lively gloss full of texture, it also protects your hair from damage caused by dryer and UV rays. Kao recommends applying it after towel drying before blow drying.

The bottle is standard clear plastic bottle with pump. The bottle looks like glass, where it is actually sturdy plastic. I love the color and the design of the bottle. I find it looking more luxurious than other hair products.

What can I say… I love this hair oil. The oil is super light and smells fresh too. The fragrance is not too sharp that you can smell it miles away, though. It just add a nice whiff of fresh smell when I smell my hair.

It does get absorbed easily, without leaving my hair heavy or oily. Wonderful thing is, it doesn’t feel silicone-y at all. I can feel my hair ends getting softer with this baby applied.

Light, lovely, easily absorbed hair oil for my dried ends. I am definitely going to repurchase this one!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Aquary Gel UV SPF 25 PA++

Another one from Kose’s Rose of Heaven series! This candied rose fragranced line consists of many things… hair care, creams and now sunblock too. I adore the candied rose fragrance in some of the products, while not a big fun in some other. I guess the different formula and intensity of the fragrance makes the lines smell similar to each other but not exactly the same, especially when worn on skin.
(picture from adambeauty.com)

Compared to other sunblock milks or gels from other Japanese brands, the bottle of this one is huge. It contains 90mL in contrast to the regular 30-50 mL.
The product itself is a light milky gel, which feels wonderfully cooling when applied.  My skin feels softer and more moisturized after application. I think this gel might contain a little menthol, as I feel light pleasant tingly coolness after application.
Candied honeyed rose fragrance here is not so intensive, yet it will compete with other fragrance if you are using any.
fun fragrant and cooling sunblock. perfect for beachy holidays when i just dont want to add extra grammes in my bag for perfume. i wont wear this when i am wearning perfume, though...