Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kose Cosmeport Softymo Super Point Make Up Remover

I honestly dont need another make up remover... Yet I picked this one.

Softymo is another brand from Japanese cosmetic giant, Kose.

Now, I do think this bottle is full of instruction I dont understand... they are all in Japanese! And I dont understand any Japanese. So, I just followed what the illustration is doing... She's wiping her face with cotton pad! And that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

This remover is like light liquid gel. it is not fragranced and feels light on skin. So I put sufficient amount of remover on my cotton pad, and continue on wiping my eye make up (I was wearing Lavshuca eye shadow, Urban Decay 24/7 pencil eye liner and Maybelline waterproof mascara). To my delight, Softymo managed to take off all my make up pretty easily. just dab your eye area a little to make it a little easier to take off the colors, then wipe. Off all the make up! Wonderful.

No oily feeling, no heaviness, not drying as well. litlle warning though, I felt it sting my eyes a little bit when I put too much cleanser on my cotton pad, and opened my eyes before I wiped the cleanser residue properly.

Next test, of course... my favorite MAC Liquidlast eye liner + eye shadows! unfortunately, it doenst work as well with liquid last. It can lift the liner up, but it is not optimal, I still need to do a bit of rubbing, patting is not enough here.

bottomline... Nice cleanser to have during light make up days, but definitely not enough for heavy duty cleansing work.

@Anonymous: I got mine thru . i'm not affiliated with him, but I shop in the shop a lot. highly recommended, reasonably prices, reliable and fast shipping too. 

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  1. Hi can I ask where you bought this? I've been searching through Guardian, Watson, Sasa in Singapore but unable to find it. Thank you :)