Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kose Freshel White C Cleansing Oil

Ah...yes, another cleansing oil review... This time, it is from Freshel a brand of Japanese cosmetic giant, Kanebo.

Wont talk much about the packaging design here. simple clear plastic bottle with convenient pump. all boxed in clear plastic box, which you will have to rip to open.

the texture itself is just like regular oil, more heavy than FANCL's version. Dont worry... it does not feel heavy at all once you have massaged it on your face and emulsify/wash the residue off with water. it makes my face feels fresh and clean.

Is it potent enough for me? apparently yes! it easily took off my stubborn MAC liquidline eyeliner. wonderful.

it doesnt sting my eyes if i accidentally opened my eyes during washing. but it makes my vision blurry for a second or two but blinking my eyes quickly clears up the problem.

another pleasant, economical find from japanese brands. Now I realize I am not going to be forever attached to FANCL! yay!

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