Sunday, May 20, 2012

Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks in 02 Cutie Pink

Heavy rotation is drugstore make up brand from japanese beauty manufacturer Isehan. I havent tried any other heavy rotation product before, so I don't expect much from this purchase. I am just interested in the pretty pink rosy color on the packaging.

All I know about heavy rotation is their simplistic black packaging and neutral wearable colors. Creamy cheeks is available in 3 colors, Baby pink, cutie pink and peach pink.

heavy rotation recommends applying teeny weeny 3 mm sized dot on each cheek and blend. I can't agree more. I find blending then building up color when necessary is easier than trying to make colors appear lighter when you applied too much.

Clown cheeks alert here... 02 cutie pink is bright blue pink in the tube and blends to make healthy pinky rose flush on my cheeks. I find it not oily and easy to blend, once dried, the color fixed easily too. It gives really pretty natural finish, not matte. Not shimmery...just natural.

Great pigmentation, easy to use and gives pretty, natural finish. I am totally eying on the other color!

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