Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Etude House Play 101 Pencil

Another cute stuff from Etude! Play 101 Pencils!
The idea is to have colorful pencils that is intended to be used multi ways... eye liner, eye shadow, lip color... even blush! Really 101 ways to use a pencil...

Currently the website only listed 50 colors with various finish... from matte to glittery... count me spoiled for choice... 

Update: I managed to purchase and reviewed few of the pencils here....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Etude House Spring 2014 Campus Runway Nail Polishes

Etude never fails to entertain me... look at these nail polish line from Spring 2014. 

Titled Campus Runway, it embodies the happy, carefree spirit of campus days. What garnered my attention was the UV nail polishes! They glow under UV light! Campus doesnt mean books and studies, eh... Parrrttyyyyyy!!!!

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The Skinfood Vitacolor Liplacquer Soft Mousse in PK01

I love roses... this one, Vitacolor Liplacquer Soft Mousse type is part of Milky Rose, a 2014 release from The Skinfood. From this release, I reviewed the cream blush and loved it!

Vitacolor liplacquer itself has 2 types: mousse lip and glow lip. I picked up the on-trend matte finish: mousse lip!

Housed in click type container, this baby holds 2.5 gr of product. At a glance, it reminds me of Stila's lip gloss, but this one dispenses product as it clicks, just like your mechanical pencil... not the twist&turn type of Stila. I can say I actually liked this click style pen, as it allows me to control the amount of the product dispensed better, longer click will dispense more product. as simple as that! but... I have to say that I dont like the brush... as you can see, it is a little bit unshapely when received it. and the brush is soft... softer than how i want my lip brush to be. making a precise application difficult for myself. I ended up dispensing the liplacquer on my fingetip and applied it manually. 

the product itself applies a little glossy, but gives off rather nice matte finish. the texture is super light and, as the name suggests, moussey! 

PK01 is a lovely warm pastel pink. The hand swatch is more accurate in term of color then the lip swatches. The color instantly bring flush and happiness on my face, without being too loud.

pigmentation is how I expected it to be... build-able. Apply a little (or apply then blot with tissue) will give nice flush of cheerfulness. A little more product will give nice full coverage. Beware though, I find applying this for full coverage is not easy... it tends to be blotchy. The color applies nicely in the beginning, however, it have the tendency to settle in lip lines and accentuate dry lips... your lips have to be in tip top condition to wear this without balm underneath...

I have to say that it is drying, and I gave up by the 2nd hour wearing this... I end up applying lip balm on top to rescue my lips... with texture like this, though, I think I can salvage this to blush instead of using it as lipcolor...

Pretty color and concept. Unfortunately, application is not easy wit the brush attached. Color tends to be blotchy and settles to lip lines. With its drying tendency, off to the recycle box it goes...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Etude House Dust Cut

Pollution is surely everybody's concern nowadays. By now, I am sure most of us are aware that pollution wont do our skin any good. It is always a good idea to give our skin extra protection, dont you think?

Etude House of Korea obviously agrees with this too! This year they launched Dust Cut series. The series consists of Facial Mist, Mask Sheet, Fresh Cream and, of course, Micro Foam Cleanser. 

I am interested in the Facial Mist. What about you?

Etude House Spring 2014 Cinderella Any Cushion primer

Etude House of Korea is really good at churning cute products I cant resist. Another case in point: this lovely Cinderella themed line:

This line contains Etude's recently launched Any Cushion primer. The Any Cushion is sponge saturated with make up primer, which you apply with another sponge provided in the other compartment of the compact. 

Pretty, dont you think?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Etude House Color Lips Fit in PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink

The latest type of lipcolor from Etude House! How exciting!

Following the matte lip trend, of course, Etude House of Korea launched a product to keep up with the demand! This Lips Fit series promises liquid lipstick that glides nicely with vivid color and weightless powdery texture. Matte is usually not for me, though… as I have dry dry lips… but, let’s try…

Right now Etude offers 7 vivid colors and a clear top coat. I wont be surprised if they enlarge the collection and adds more color as summer comes near.

The packaging makes me think of regular gloss, the wand design is similar to previous glossy stain by Etude House which I enjoyed so much.

The color… yes… it is pigmented. Little goes long way here… seriously. Fantasy Fit Pink is warm pink that’s borderline coral… it is vivid, bright and almost neon! Super suitable and fun for spring!

The texture is super light and glossy when applied. But, wait a few moments, the color will turn matte. It doesn’t feel heavy or silicone, just light and it hugs my lips nicely without accentuating the lip lines. The lovely lipcolor is lightly fragranced with bubble gum scent that’s light and in no way masking any other fragrance you might be wearing. It dissipates quickly too.

Unfortunately for me, matte is no match… it dries up my lips within hours and I ended up putting on some L’occitane lipbalm to rescue my lips. Don’t get me wrong, the color is still vibrant and lovely! I experienced only minimal color transfer on my teacup. And the color stains quickly too.

Apologies, there’s gonna be no lip swatch for now, as my lips is experiencing super dry season now… ha…


I totally love the bright, fun, pigmented color. It is super light and enjoyable to wear. But, it is too drying for me. Even though I can salvage it with lipbalm, I don’t think I will be purchasing more color… as layering lip balm is totally opposite the matte concept…

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher in No 5

I love roses... and I was more than happy to pick up Skinfood's rose themed creamblush from Spring 2014.

The whole collection includes cream blushes, lip lacquer, ...

I picked up‎ soft baby pink colored No 5.

The packaging is compact and surprisingly includes a big mirror inside it! I love it, as it makes application on the go waaayyy easier!

The blush itself is lightly perfumed with lovely, soft tea rose fragrance. But the fragrance dissipate once applied. 

The texture is soft and turns powder when applied. in the beginning I was expecting siliconey feel... but it doesn't feel like siliconey slick just melds into powder upon blending on skin.

The color... wow it is pigmented! I didn't expect this pigmentation from a baby pink blush! I am loving it, as it is easily blended and layered.


Lemme go to ebay and pick that lovely coral shade!