Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Etude House Color Lips Fit in PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink

The latest type of lipcolor from Etude House! How exciting!

Following the matte lip trend, of course, Etude House of Korea launched a product to keep up with the demand! This Lips Fit series promises liquid lipstick that glides nicely with vivid color and weightless powdery texture. Matte is usually not for me, though… as I have dry dry lips… but, let’s try…

Right now Etude offers 7 vivid colors and a clear top coat. I wont be surprised if they enlarge the collection and adds more color as summer comes near.

The packaging makes me think of regular gloss, the wand design is similar to previous glossy stain by Etude House which I enjoyed so much.

The color… yes… it is pigmented. Little goes long way here… seriously. Fantasy Fit Pink is warm pink that’s borderline coral… it is vivid, bright and almost neon! Super suitable and fun for spring!

The texture is super light and glossy when applied. But, wait a few moments, the color will turn matte. It doesn’t feel heavy or silicone, just light and it hugs my lips nicely without accentuating the lip lines. The lovely lipcolor is lightly fragranced with bubble gum scent that’s light and in no way masking any other fragrance you might be wearing. It dissipates quickly too.

Unfortunately for me, matte is no match… it dries up my lips within hours and I ended up putting on some L’occitane lipbalm to rescue my lips. Don’t get me wrong, the color is still vibrant and lovely! I experienced only minimal color transfer on my teacup. And the color stains quickly too.

Apologies, there’s gonna be no lip swatch for now, as my lips is experiencing super dry season now… ha…


I totally love the bright, fun, pigmented color. It is super light and enjoyable to wear. But, it is too drying for me. Even though I can salvage it with lipbalm, I don’t think I will be purchasing more color… as layering lip balm is totally opposite the matte concept…

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher in No 5

I love roses... and I was more than happy to pick up Skinfood's rose themed creamblush from Spring 2014.

The whole collection includes cream blushes, lip lacquer, ...

I picked up‎ soft baby pink colored No 5.

The packaging is compact and surprisingly includes a big mirror inside it! I love it, as it makes application on the go waaayyy easier!

The blush itself is lightly perfumed with lovely, soft tea rose fragrance. But the fragrance dissipate once applied. 

The texture is soft and turns powder when applied. in the beginning I was expecting siliconey feel... but it doesn't feel like siliconey slick powder...it just melds into powder upon blending on skin.

The color... wow it is pigmented! I didn't expect this pigmentation from a baby pink blush! I am loving it, as it is easily blended and layered.


Lemme go to ebay and pick that lovely coral shade! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LUSH Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar

I’ve always loved cute stuff from LUSH… this fun, glittery pink thing is not an exception.

With irresistibly yummy fruity marshmallow-y fragrance of Snow Fairy, LUSH injected lovely butter and sparkle in this cute little bar… unfortunately, my bar doesn’t look that cute anymore now… Tropical heat pretty much makes all LUSH body butter and massage bars mushy and not pretty to photograph…

Im not gonna go into depth about the fab ingredients in this cute pink thing… bottomline.. I love the texture and how it moisturizes my skin… albeit I would avoid this during rainy or humid day… there’s such thing as too moisturizing, even for my skin…

I was initially a little worried with color transfer when I purchased this. But im glad to report that this hasn’t been the case. My clothes and bed sheets doesn’t stained pink… 

instant love! who can say no to sweet marshmallow-ey, hot pink colored stuff? easily absorbed too! hey... i sometime use a bit on my hair ends too! I'm gonna wait for this again next Christmas!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum

Of my hair product haul recently, I somehow had the highest hope for this one...


Why? The packaging... no, not the design, but the before after picture! looks like a potent potion we have in this little plastic bottle! Then look at the instruction... they actually recommended us to use it while the hair is still wet... my personal experience, it means the product need to be spread thinly and evenly to get best result... if used on dry hair, it would need to be diluted a bit...

But... I find it difficult to decided whether I love this product or not... my first try, with soaking wet hair, as instructed didn't yield good result. Frizz iz ztill hereeee... 

Experience is the best teacher... so, I applied it on my co-washed hair (wash hair only with water and conditioner, sans shampoo... just to clean up and freshen up my hair a bit‎), my hair was towel dried this time... heyyy!!! even better result! My hair feelss softer!

Third try was on towel dried hair, which have been moisturized lightly with body shop moringa oil. I styled it as usual, and I loved the result! My hair feels soft and it help keep my hair straighter! Even in this humid weather.

The serum itself is easy to work with... thick and cleat with minimal fragrance. One and a half pump is enough for my dry, thick, frizzy hair. My hair is medium length-slightly longer than shoulder.

It spreads easily and get absorbed fast. Don't apply too much though... trust me, little goes long way... else you risk having the oily hair look... 

For those with finer hair, it might be wise to follow the instruction by applying a little to wet hair...

It took me sometime to figure out how to maximize this product, but I grow to love it. it doesn't feel siliconey... it just makes my hair smoother and softer! easier to flat iron too! Repurchase? May be... after I finished trying my hair care haul... and finished this bottle! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Skin Food Spring 2014 Milky Rose

How pretty! The Skin Food's Spring 2014 release is English rose themed collection: blush, pen style lip lacquer, make up remover, make up elixir and nail polish. 

I am eyeing at the blush! how about you?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mods Hair Hot Care Intensive Repair Essence

I have been trying to suppress my cosmetic shopping and focus on finishing piles of stuff I have bought… but… sigh… resolution remains resolution…

Enter Mods Hair Hot Care line. I need my hair to be more easily managed and tidy… so, I suppose new repair essence wont hurt my wallet… (of course, I didn’t stop with the repair essence, I reached the cashier with piles of other stuff I will review sooner…)

Mods Hair is Japanese line from Unilever, now available in Singapore. This sleek hot pink bottle is designed for dull, coarse, unmanageable, dry and damaged hair. just what I need!

It contains Triple Heat Oil to repair damage while you heat style your hair. This bottle promises me product that is not sticky and spreads easily. Plus… floral passion fragrance to keep me cheerful all day… let’s see if the claim is accurate…

I tried this repair essence with dry hair and towel dried hair during the past two days. I continued both tries with flat ironing and styling as usual.

I have to say I prefer the result when used on towel dried hair. my hair feels smooth to touch, and true enough, it is not sticky at all. Makes my hair straight for longer time than usual… plus it doesn’t have silicone-y feel…

As for the fragrance claim… it is soft and light.. but it doesn’t last all day…

Anyways… I am loving the product and most probably re-purchase! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Skin Food Merry Christmas, My Honey Winter 2013

Who doesnt like holiday season and honey? The Skin Food combines both theme this year. Presenting you: Merry Christmas, My Honey!

the collection includes lipbalms, body wash, hand and foot care, moisturizing cream, lip and cheek balm. I'm interested in the lip and cheek balm... is it really balm?!?

picture from theskinfood.co.kr