Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur SPF 15/PA+

New interesting stuff from Etude House! Beauty Shot Face Blur. You guessed it… it is a primer to ‘blur’ imperfections! Hooray to #Selfie!
The lightweight cream claims to:
- Covers pores and bumpy skin to make skin look flawless.
- Softening skin layer like filtert effect to give smooth and even skin layer.
- Natural whitening skin to make dark skin look bright and cover imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.
- Baby pixcel powder and cover powder compounds give 3-in-1 multi filter effect like adjusting light on skin.

That’s lots of claims…
The cream also features baby pixel powder, cover powder and airy skin powder. I suppose all this tech stuff is meant to help with all the claims Etude made on this product. 

I am loving the design of Etude bottle as usual. The pump dispenses perfect amount of cream on my palm.

Now, the cream itself. As you can see it is light in color with slight peachy tint. and… little goes long way… as you can see here on my hand swatch… I used approximately same amount of product with the drop on the left most side… it has to be blended ever so lightly, or else, it looks ashy even on my rather light skin. As for the blurring claim… honestly, after blending to make sure my skin don’t look ashy (the right most part, divided with grey crooked line), I don’t see the cream hiding my pores or concealing my skin imperfection and bluish-vein marks on back of my hand. 

Trying it on my face, after my regular oil moisturizer, it does feel lightweight and I don’t feel like im adding extra layer on my face. But… all the blurring and smoothing effect is not very visible at all. Plus, the ashy, white cast issue… makes me think that it work be suitable for beauties with deeper skin color… but I think, it will give whitening effect on the suitable light skin colored beauties. 

Lightweight, yes. Blurring, smoothing etc…not so much.  

Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint PK001

Etude House of Korea is expanding its Cherry Tint lip stain collection! I am excited! In the new format, the popular lip tint is launched in lipstick format. Housed in click pen –like slim tube, Etude offers 5 colors.

I picked up PK001 for starter. PK 001 is pigment packed, yet sheer cool red-pink. It is super easy to apply, and it has nice slip on the lips. 

Single swipe deposits enough pigment to add cheerful color on my lightly pigmented lips. It is rather glossy, but the glossiness wears away as I drink and snack. Lots of pigment got transferred to my cup rim, but by 4th hour, the stain stays still on my lips. After eating a full meal the tint became faded. Good news for me too… it doesn’t dry my lips at all!

I am liking the new click pen format, I find it easier to use and practical. Just be careful not to click too much, as the bullet cant be retracted back.

In Summary:
Lovely lip tint in super practical click pen format. Packs lots of pigment while being sheer and glossy. Glossiness wears away, but not the stain. I am loving it, and gonna purchase more colors!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Etude House Color in Liquid Liquid Lipcolor

Getting ready for spring requires stockpiling fresh, poppy colors dont you think? Etude House got the answer! Look at the color range of this liquid lipcolor! 

Etude House claims this liquid lipcolor gives 'A melted liquefied lipstick with the intense color and high shine to make provocative yet lovely sheer lips. The cushiony water-sliding texture makes lips look supple and hydrated.'

I am curious how an intense colored product will give lovely sheer lips...

The colors, on the other hand, are pretty.... Etude signature pastels, bold reds and even purples! I am drooling over PK 006 and PK 007! What about you?


Etude House Give Me Chocolate

Well, there hasnt been any new launches that catches my eyes these days... I hope this cute launch from Etude House will be a good beginning in 2015.

Give Me Chocolate collection includes ultra cute and yummy looking eyeshadow duo and a set of nail polish. 

They look positively yummy, dont you think? the colors tend to be warm and I do think they look very wearable. Looking forward to try them!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Etude House Face V-Line Slim Maker

Korean brand, Etude House has launched Face V-Line Slim Maker, Basically a bronzer + highlighter duo in a compact. Look at that pretty lace design on the compact!

Meant to be use to highlight, contour and create 'slimmer' cheeks... therefore the desirable 'V' shape on the name...

Friday, September 26, 2014

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk in PK 001 Dreamed Pink Flirt, PK 002 Pounding First Kiss and BE 101Chic Hollywood Bay

It always feels like Christmas comes early each time I see a box sitting on my desk. This time, I know for sure, the box contains my Dear My Wish Lips Talk. 

I picked PK 001, PK 002 and BE 101. Packaging wise, it is almost similar with the older version of Dear My Lips Talk series (without the 'Wish'). 

Now, let’s start with the color… I do love how all three of  my choices comes out. PK 001 is light medium pink, bright and cheerful. PK 002 is colder, lighter berry shade… I am particularly loving this one… it allows me to wear berry without making me feel old about it. BE 101 is warm nude brown, very pretty too. PK 001 and BE 101 are two of the recommended color from Etude House. All colors I picked are cream with glossy finish.

The texture is super creamy and super pigmented. I started with PK 002, I was pleasantly surprised with the pigment this pretty bullets pack. On my lip swatch over here, I only applied on top of my lips (direct from bullet) then close my lips together to spread out and even out the color. On my hand swatches, they are single swipe direct from bullet. Swiping this lippie feels so nice… so smooth and the slip is just lovely…

 Unlike lighter PK 001 and BE 101, PK 002 stains my arm a bit, even though I used cream make up remover only 1-2 minutes after making swatch. Like any creamy lipstick, it does transfer to my cup super easily too.. . but since the color is so pigmented, the transfer doesn’t affect the color intensity on my lips as much. 

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk PK 001

I find the lippie feels light and not drying at all on my lips. Lately my lips has been super dry and I almost always apply honey on my lips to moisturize it a bit. So…. Getting ‘not drying’ statement from me, I do think is a good thing… 

Full luscious color lasts until mid-day, it is pretty much gone after I had my lunch, except light stain around my lips... I suspected this happened because my lips is super dry these days. Until the color is gone, I do think the lippie doesnt dry my lips at all... so, I am super happy about this...

BE101 is a pleasant surprise… the beige adds a bit of life on my pale lips. Like its sisters which I have tried, the color is pigmented and the slip during application is just nice. It is more forgiving than other creamy pale lipcolors I have tried, it doesn’t settle too much in my liplines. The half lip swatch was a single swipe. The full lip swatch was a double swipe.

I’ll update this post/created new post when I’m done trying PK 002 . Sooo excited! Let's hope the other two color packs as much pigment as this one!

I am so happy with the slip, creaminess and pigmentation here. May be I will be purchasing new colors if Etude House launched new colors. 
I do think this is Etude House's best lipstick formula so far. (Counting out the Color Pop gloss stain hybrid, since it is technically not a lipstick).

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Peripera Wholly Deep Liner Kit – Disney Frozen box

This cute box is part of irresistibly cute release by Peripera with Disney’s Frozen theme. I reviewed Elsa’s lip tint and fell in love, proceed to buy Anna’s lip tint (not yet reviewed). And now, I am going to share with you joy in a box that is Wholly Deep Liner Kit.

It comes with cute tin box featuring Elsa and Anna. Plus… Olaf in the inner lid of the box. I was so thrilled to see Olaf inside ! The box contains 5 mini sized eyeliners. 

The pencil design is typical of more ‘modern’ eye liners, with plastic body instead of wooden pencil. I am loving plastic pencils as the shavings are easier to handle than of wooden pencil. Unfortunately the plastic body of these pencils are white. Therefore it got stained pretty easily… mine got stained already by the time I received it. Probably it does nothing to the quality of the product, but I just don’t like my white pencils spotty…

I love the color selection of the box… I do think it is harmonious, even though the deep maroon (number 4) can be tricky to use. The colors included is matte black (1),  medium-brown with light shimmer (2), purple with slight iridescent shimmer (3), deep maroon with shimmer (4) and clear with ivory shimmer (5). Matte black 1 is the most pigmented of all, iridiscent purple (3) is the least pigmented, if you count out clear shimmery (5).  I am quite happy with all of the pencil’s pigmentation.
hand swatch from 5 to 1 (rightmost). drawn in then tails blended with fingertips
Cosmetic issues with the packaging aside, the pencils itself is waterproof and managed to stay put and pristine on my oily lids the whole day. It doesn’t migrate or fade. Removal with eye make up remover or oil remover is recommended, since it really stays there. When I rubbed my eyes a bit, the liner pills… I find this is the case with Etude’s 101 Play pencils too. It doesn’t bother me, since as long as I don’t touch my eyes, it wont create any problem to me.

The packaging box also includes a how to diagram to create an eye look using this pencils. In the beginning I was skeptical if it is possible to create such look with eyeliner pencils. But apparently, it was possible, since the pencils are creamy during application and can be easily blended with fingertips before it sets. Once it sets, it will stay still. It took about 1 minute to set in my case…enough time for me to blend and play around with shadings. 

Wonderful, cute set. Love the color selection, Love the pencil texture and love the longevity.