Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Banila Co. Clean It Smart

After waves of asian inspired beauty product sprung up in western markets, we are now seeing beauty wave from western market to asian one!

Banila Co. introduced their Clean It Smart rechargeable brush system to the market. Just like Clarisonic and other brands, the brush head is changeable and it offers several speeds. 


Monday, June 8, 2015

Banila Co Floral Seoul

I used to follow Banila Co, however, they havent release anything interesting to me, until I saw Floral Seoul. 

Look at that cheerful floral illustrations... makes me smile... 

The collection consist of eye shadows, blushes, lipstick and lip crayon. It is interesting to see that Banila Co incorporated marsala (Pantone 2015 color of the year) in the collection. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip

I am constantly in search of product to calm down my dry, peeling lips. Then I stumbled upon Holika Holika's Golden Monkey Glamour Lip. 

If you know why it is called Golden Monkey, do let me know...

So... this product is a set containing scrub pad, gel mask and moisturizer for glamorous lip. I want myself some glamorous lips too! 

The scrub is packed in a lip shaped non woven material... first, we scrub scrub scrub... honestly, it stings a little... may be I got too carried away with my scrubbing...

Then, comes the pink gel mask. also lip shaped! cute! The instructions says 15 minutes. it was cooling 15 minutes... I am enjoying this... 

The final step is the moisturizer. It is clear, thick solution to moisturize the lips. It give my lip glossy, moisturized feeling without feeling sticky. 

I dont get the pouty lips like the illustrated monkey then...

Will I do this again?. When my lips are super bad, I think I will do it again. I dont really fancy the scrubbies pad, I can do it easily with soft toothbrush as usual, I think. But I enjoyed the gel mask and the moisturizing pack. 

Etude House Dreaming Swan Shine Volumer #03 Twinkling Tutu

The last item I picked up from the Dreaming Swan collection is Shine Volumer in 03 Twinkling Tutu!

It looks like gloss, but it is a highlighter with lots of glitter... micro glitter (not shimmer) suspended in clear cooling gel. it is really shimmery and happy looking...

03 Twinkling Tutu is pinkish warm beige with golden micro glitter.  just little comes a long way... this product packs lots of glitter.. not chunky glitter, but more micro glitter. let me remind you, this is not subtle... unless your working place is glitter friendly, i dont recommend this to highlight anything. 

Etude recommends the product to highlight under the eyes and collar bone. I tried it as color for my outer part of my lower eyes. it stays put with no  problem with fallout or fading until 6 pm.

happy, warm tinted micro glitter to cheer up your life! be warned, apply bit by bit... not for the faint hearted...

Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek #05 En Haut Pink

I picked up several items from the Dreaming Swan collection. Been using and playing with it for nearly a month now, but havent manage to write the review yet... So... here it is... 

What can I say... I am sucker for cute, pretty stuff. I am loving this launch... the illustration, pretty colors and all. Etude House has several blush color offered. I picked 05 en haut pink. 

The pretty warm pink with golden shimmer reminds me a bit of NARS' orgasm... Of course, as the name implies, Etude recommends this for both eye shadow and blush. I am not a fan of pink or coral shadows, so I didnt try it on my lids...

Dreaming Swan Eye & Cheek is packed in a matte cute tin packaging, with pretty packaging. However, since I have been using it frequently for a month or so... I noticed that the matte paint around the screw top is prone to peeling...

That aside, I am quite happy with the pigmentation. It is sheer enough not to accidentally pull a clown cheek, but still packs enough pigment to make me look fresher yet not powdery. 

I am loving the pigmentation and color. unfortunately, I dont think the pretty tin will stand the test of time...

Etude House Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact SPF 25 PA++

This compact finishing powder is part of super pretty and feminine Dreaming Swan release. I am just in love with the illustrations on the packaging… I got myself this pact, the highlighter and blush. Let’s first see the finishing powder.

I just adore the packaging… the blush color, matte finish, illustration… so pretty! It also offers generously sized mirror inside. The puff and compact powder itself, is separated in different compartment.

Color of the pact is a pretty bright blush-pink, which I think will be to bright for some … including myself. Like the other Dreaming Swan release, the pact is embossed with pretty ballet themed illustrations too. The powder is finely milled and lightly fragranced with lovely, bright floral perfume. It does linger a bit during application, but quickly dissipates after.

Etude House promises to cover up dull complexion for smooth, bright skin all day long. That’s a big promise… especially for me, with oily T zone and living in tropical country! Well, I have to say it offers coverage, if you are wearing it liberally. Unfortunately, the color of this pact is simply too bright for me. So I was layering it super thinly so that I won’t look like I just apply rice flour on my face. Needless to say, I started to notice my forehead getting oily by lunch time.

However, I do like the packaging where the pact and puff is separated, plus the generous mirror. It makes it easier for me to touch up during the day. 


Finely milled, lightly fragranced finishing powder that does reduce shine, but not all day. I might love it more if it comes in range of colors instead of one size fits all. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Etude House Spring 2015 Dreaming Swan Collection

What is there not to adore about Etude House's Dreaming Swan collection? With pretty illustration from Kerrie Hess, this collection just got a whole lot cuter!

Ballerina themed Dreaming Swan includes Shine Volumer - eye gloss / highlighter type of product to be applied underneath the eyes to brighten, and also to accentuate collarbone and to be used as highlighter. 

Also new is an array of sweetly coloured lipsticks.

Veiling Pact finishing powder and blushes... look at that emboss designs! So pretty!

Nude nail polishes...

Also make up pouch and casings!

Which one suits your fancy?