Thursday, August 21, 2014

Etude House Ice Tint Balm Summer 2014 Launch

What's more appropriate for summer than cold, refreshing ice? Guess that's what was on Etude House's mind when they created these babies. 

I'm kinda late to jump and try this one, as I am still in love with my Revlon balm stains. But hey, since we are having 365 days of summer each year where I live, one more cool balm wont hurt... Especially that Etude offer quite a good variety of color too... I'm lusting the pink PK001. What about you?


Vichy Capital Soleil Suncare Oil SPF 20

I still clearly remember... when I was a kid, I hate any kind of suncare precautions. I would try my best to avoid my mom slathering them on to my skin before playing in the poor or beach. I will refuse to wear cover-ups after swimming. And every, single, time... I paid for it dearly... my skin turned red and painful... bye bye swimming pool, hello sunburn.

Oh... but getting sunburnt skin is not my only problem... my hair got 'sunburnt' too!

It will get so frizzy and tangled and ... almost crispy. Plus... my hair will get lightened... not in a good beach blonde way. Washing my hair apres swimming is a real pain... tangle tangle tangle...

Recently though, I have found myself a solution! Vichy Capital Soleil Suncare Oil SPF 20. (They do SPF 40 too... but when I got it, the shop only have SPF 20 left). 
Vichy is a French brand that you can get easily in European pharmacist (seen them in France and Italy at least). Like most french brands sold in pharmacies, they are focused more on skincare then make up. 
Yes, Vichy's website mentioned that this is meant for skin, but I like to experiment with my beauty oils. On skin, it makes my skin looks well hydrated, but not too oily. It has light floral fragrance which doesnt compete with my cologne. 

But, I found its wonder on my hair... before swimming in the sea, I would apply this oil liberally on my hair. really liberally... the result... after whole day of swimming, my hair is easier to manage ... less tangles in the shower, easier during brushing. I am loving it. Yes, oil slicked hair might not be everyone's cup of tea. But you will love the result when you shower... and your hair will be wet from swimming anyway... 

Usually I love heavy glass bottles, but this time, I am super glad with this light plastic bottle. And the spray format is just so handy... application on skin and hair is super easy. Plus, I can simply throw it in my beach bag and not worry about it spilling or broken in my bag.

This bottle has been my hair savior this summer. highly recommend it!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Caudalie Divine Oil

This is by no means a new product... let's just say i've re-discovered it. 

I always love oils, especially dry oils. why? I can use it in many many ways.

Lately my hair ends has been suffering more than usual... oh well.. beside straightening my hair, these days I often dye it too. my LUSH R&B has been working over time... and I guess it is time to give my hair rest from it. I believe in switching products as hair needs changes ... doenst mean that I fell out of love with it... just 'taking time off' ... if it makes sense.

With that... enters Caudalie Divine Oil. I first discovered it during a trip to France. French pharmacies are like Disneyland ... arrays of skincare stuff... so many creams... so many oils... so many... many many things... One that stood up was this pretty bottle of Divine Oil from Caudalie. I usually use Nuxe's dry oil... but being me... I just have to try new product!

The oil is lovely, light and wonderfully fragranced with white floral fragrance. Soft, not overpowering... almost calming to my nose.The website mentioned that it is made of blends of wonderful oils... grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan. plus... they thrown in polyphenol anti-oxidants too. Plus... Caudalie will plant a tree for every bottle sold!

Enough marketing... let's go to the juice inside the bottle... The oil is easily absorbed by damp skin and towel dried hair... and my hair has been looking better with little mix of divine oil in my regime. Sometime I apply it alone after towel drying my hair or mix it with pea sized Lush R&B. I think it helps 'seals' in the moisture from Lush R&B and of course, adds gloss on my lackluster hair...

On dry hair, it makes my hair look oily. i usually mix with water or hair treatment water like this Lucido-L spray

For those with softer hair , I guess massaging in a single spray on towel dried hair is enough in order not to weigh down the hair too much.

My skin is loving this oil too! again, in my opinion, it is best applied on towel dried skin. This oil has saved my skin during winter! after bath, i would apply it liberally before towel drying, massaging in slowly while enjoying the lovely fragrance. then I would apply my body butter/creams as usual. 

One thing that makes this bottle of oil stands up is the design! i just love the substantial feeling of the glass bottle with grape bunch silhouette stamped on the bottle, pretty on the eye, but makes holding and spraying the bottle with wet/damp hand easier. and the cap... i just adore the wooden-inspired cap. not wooden, but totally looks like wooden cap. pretty pretty!

dry skin/dry hair savior for me with wonderful soft fragrance and pretty bottle. a must try!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Shopping Guide: Online Shopping For Korean Cosmetics

I love love love Asian cosmetics... not only they are more affordable, most of the time they are super cute too! With big brands like Etude House churning new things regularly, Korean beauty scene is something I always keep my eyes on for new launches, new products and cute stuff...

So now, let's go shopping! I'm currently living in Asia, but not Korea or Japan... therefore, I'm always on the look for honest online shops with reasonable price and good international shipping options. I think all shops I listed here offers shipping to USA and Europe too. 

Dont forget... beware of fakes! I've seen quite a lot of fake cosmetics floating around. always beware of deals that's too too good... I will go away from 'exceptionally good buys'. Trust me... I've seen lots of fake stuff... you dont know what they put inside, i dont think you want to put it anywhere near your face... or skin.... *horror*

1. the easy peasy, always updated: EBAY!
but, I wont be buying just from anyone. as usual, pick shops with experience and good reviews. Call me negative, but ... I wont see the glowing reviews... if I want to see how good this shop really is, I will head to the negative/neutral review section. See how they handle issues and if there's a pattern in the issues customers are complaining about.. like... 5 complaints of bad packaging out of 10 negative reviews is a tell tale for me. 

As much as I like make up, my need of that Minnie Mouse lipstick, powder and blush is not a life-threatening situation... try to buy small items first from a seller you/your friends never have bought from. If the packaging is good, shipping is fast, response is good... and most importantly, goods they send is actually authentic... then... buy the rest of the series. So at least, if this seller is bogus, you wont get ripped off too much money. 

Dont forget to recalculate with the shiping fee before you commit to buy anything in ebay. Shipping fee is often a dealbreaker for me...

I first know this shop from ebay. They pack their goods in neat box with bubble wraps and all. they also offers free shipping! big YAY!
Based on my experience, f2plus1 updates their Etude House inventory quite often.

another reliable ebay seller and online shop. Good packaging too. No free shipping, but the charges are not crazy. 

4. rubyrubyshop in ebay
After roseroseshop, i often buy from rubyrubyshop. I dont have any idea if those two are related, but sometime stuff in rubyrubyshop is more updated than roseroseshop. Also offers free shipping!

Please add on the list if you have good experience with a seller or online shop! just paste the web address in the comment section. 

Happy shopping!

Peripera Pride Up Snowflake Cushion Pact featuring Elsa from Frozen!

Oh … I’ve never been so excited about a foundation until I see that… Elsa’s having her own make up product!

This one is from Peripera, a Korean brand. This Pride Up Snowflake Cushion Pact promises light coverage for refreshing summer make up! 

Ahhh… soooooo cuuuuttteeee!!!

Not only Elsa, Olaf the snowman now owns powder and nail polish series. Elsa and Anna have their very own eyeshadows palette - Tap Tap Eyes, glossy tint for lips and eyeliner set called wholly deep eyeliner kit. 

The nail polish set looks appealing for me, as it contains 2 glitters and one sugar/pixie dust finish nailpolish. You can, of course, opt to purchase only one polish, not all three. 


Monday, August 4, 2014

Etude House Summer 2014 Princess Happy Ending

Riding on the popularity of anything princess, one of my favorite Korean brand, Etude House has launched a princess themed collection too!

The Princess Happy Ending series is related to the Disney's famous princesses line-up, even though i dont see any likeness of Snow, Belle, Cinderela and Jasmine themselves in the make up packaging shots so far... *
It is divided to 4 themes: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and Jasmine. Each offers different type set of make ups. I can't decide whether I love Jasmine or Belle more... What about you?


*update: earlier I thought the collection is not related to Disney. But then I saw Disney(c) logo... 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Etude House Play 101 Pencil

Another cute stuff from Etude! Play 101 Pencils!
The idea is to have colorful pencils that is intended to be used multi ways... eye liner, eye shadow, lip color... even blush! Really 101 ways to use a pencil...

Currently the website only listed 50 colors with various finish... from matte to glittery... count me spoiled for choice...