Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clarins Joli Rouge Long Wearing Moisturizing Lipstick in Corail Hawaii 706

Sometime during my coral lippie craze period, I got introduced to Clarins Joli Rouge...
After running around the beauty hall trying multiple corals from each brand available, I picked Corail Hawaii. Slightly sheer at single swipe (left swatch), but buildable if you re apply (right swatch). Finishes with just nice gloss.

I love the tube! It is from metal and rather heavy, totally gives luxe feel! And the lipstick bullet is embossed! I love attention to details like this.
Joli Rouge applies slightly heavier than balm, but not waxy. Still comfortable to wear. It has caramelized sweetened fruit smell and rather sweet taste. I can smell the caramelized fruits not only during application, but up to approximately 30 minute-ish. Nothing unpleasant, but those who don’t fancy perfumed lipsticks might find this a little inconvenient, as you might have to de-fragrance it by leaving it open for a day or two to let the fragrance evaporate.
Lasts like other lipsticks I’ve tried 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between. By the end of the wear, I can see slight tint on my lips, stained look. I kinda like it if I don’t feel like full colored lips. I usually apply then blot with tissue paper as needed, top off with light balm.

This lippie is pretty moisturizing, not like balm, but comfortable to wear and I don’t end up with ultra dry lips by the end of the day.

In summary...
Packaging: rather heavy metal, giving luxe feeling
Color variations: 4/5 pretty good variety of soft colors
Price: IDR 200,000 (about USD 22.22, when 1 USD = 9,000 IDR)
Texture: heavier than balm, but not waxy
Moisturizing: 3.5/5
Staying power: 2-3 hours with tea sippings in between
Is it worth it?
-Yes if... you like sheer color, you love fragranced and flavoured lippies, you want your lippie to moisturize , you just love luxe feeling of the tube
-No if... you don’t like ur lippie fragranced and flavored


  1. Hi there,
    On your post this looks exactly what I want a warm orangey pink with a lot of gloss. However after reading other post I've been put off. One sutch post read it reminded them of Macs lovelorne? Now to me this is a cold pink blue with a milky chalky appearance. Would you agree? Thank you Jennine.

    1. Hi Jennine,
      I dont have any experience with MAC Lovelorn. Unfortunately i dont see any blogger who did direct comparison.
      Try check out or for swatches of MAC Lovelorn.
      Hope this helps.
      Cheers, tee

  2. Sorry forgot to leave my email.
    Thanks again Jennine x