Saturday, March 12, 2011

POP Beauty Eye Palette is Here!!!

Oh...I fell in love with POP beauty since I purchased their Eye Topper mini palette. And today in Sephora Singapore, I discovered these 2 new items:

Indie Pop Eye Shadow Palette
This baby contains 12 pretty colors from pale neturals for highlighting your brow bone, neutrals to darker colors. All in a palette which will fit even the smallest handbag... Oh~ it comes with mirror inside too ...Love....

*Deep olive gold liner, popped navy blue liner, deep emerald liner, deep rose liner
*Milky bronze, mocha bronze, sheer apricot, soft rust
*Sheer burnt orange, glimmering white gold, eggshell white, soft lilac

And the other is...POP Texture 3D Eye Shade Kit!
Look at the color collection here.... endless possibilities... I particularly love how POP Beauty arranges the colors in this palette:mattes on top row, shimmers in the middle and glitters on the bottom. Total of 39 COLORS in one single palette! Talking about my dreams finally coming true.... It comes with a tiny bottle of Eye Magnet Primer (1.9gr) too!

When I swatched these babies in Sephora, I love the overall texture of all of the shades. Silky powdery and pigmented the way I liked it.

I purchased Indie POP for SGD 18, slightly more expensive then POP eye topper palette of the similar size I purchased earlier. POP Beauty Texture causes credit card damage of SGD 48.

For those residing outside Singapore, according to Musings of A Muse, POP texture is ASOS (link: )exclusive

Swatch and complete review coming up! *jumping up and down*

I finally swatched Indie Pop (here) and Bare Texture(here)

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