Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Etude House VIP girl Dear Darling Lips Miss Tangerine in OR205

Recently I see poppy corals, oranges and citrusy colors and themes everywhere! And I am ready to lemming in with the color trend! And then I bumped to Etude House’s Miss Tangerine collection, which include eye shadow set, blusher, powder, lip stain and of course...
I think I saw 3 colors from VIP girl Dear Darling Lips and another 4 from Sweet Shower Lips (another line of lippies with Miss Tangerine theme).

The packaging looks cute from far away. But when I hold it, the feeling of light plastic slightly turned me off... but don’t put it back to the shelf yet...the best is yet to come!

OR 205 is the most sublte tangerine I can see from the collection. It is more creamy apricot than tangerine to me. Slightly scary on the tube, but I do think it kinda matches my warmish skin tone...

Pigmentation is surprisingly good for Asian brands, which usually are rather sheer from my experience. The swatch on left was single swipe and the one on right was 2-3 swipes. It offers slight matte finish.

It is slightly scented with orange fragrance, which I don’t fancy. Kinda reminds me of room freshener... But thankfully, the scent is gone really fast after application. I think I can pull this color off! Lookie!

Application was smooth and creamy, rather moisturizing too! sadly, (or gladly?) the vibrant color stays for about 1 hours only...after 1 hour I am left with nude-apricot tinted lips. Too bad the color doesn’t last longer, but hey, I love how it looks on me after ward!
With this... I am going to return to Etude House and haul stronger colors and may be the Sweet Shower Lips too!

In Summary...
Packaging: cute, but light
Color offering: varieties of poppy tangerines
Moisturizing: I give it 4/5
Staying power: vibrant color stays for 1 hours, toned down to more neutral shade after that
Collateral damage: SGD 21.9
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you want to try on the orange-coral trend, you like moisturizing lip colors, you love the cute design
No if... you just hate orange-ish shade, you want stronger tangerine shade (in that case, you might have to try the other color from this collection)

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