Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Faced Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Celebrity Meltdown

My previous Too Faced was Pink Flamingo ... lovely apricot pink with golden shimmer. I am just cant let lippie with golden shimmer stays on the rack like that... I have to adopt it! This time the golden shimmer is total opposite of Pink Flamingo... Celebrity Meltdown is here!
Deep berry with golden shimmer! I was intimidated too... but what the heck..the golden shimmer is too pretty... And with Champagne Essence, who can say no to it?

The packaging, is the not-to-be-missed pink with huge diamante on top. Made of plastic, but somehow it doesn’t feel cheap.

Okay...the swatch couldn’t really show you the shimmer or the fact that this deep berry is not at all intimidating. Why? It is buildable. Lighthanded single swipe will give you lovely stained lips with subtle shimmer. I am so loving it!

Alternatively, apply the lippie as usual, let the color build then blot your lip with tissue to ‘lighten’ the color.

Make it double swipe or more, the deep berry goes... well... deep and strong. I guess it is the shimmer... but I think most will be able to rock this shade be it for the stained look or deep berry look.

The mixed fruit fragrance is the same with Pink flamingo’s. Nothing that I love or hate... With that.. I am not sure what’s the difference between Celebrity Meltdown and Pink Flamingo...as my Celebrity Meltdown tube has “champagne essence” but my Pink Flamingo doesn’t. They smell the same, feels the same, just different shade.

With color as deep as Celebrity Meltdown, I would expect longer wear than Pink Flamingo... And I was right! By 4th hour, my lip was still berry colored, of course I sipped my tea as usual. Only after meal the color was off.

In summary...
Packaging: cute pink tube with huge diamante on top
Color variations: 2/5 I did not see much color in Sephora Singapore
Price: SGD 32 ( I think...)
Texture: light, lightly fragranced
Moisturizing: 3/5
Staying Power: 4 hours with tea sippings in between
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you love golden shimmer, you adore the packaging, you want light textured lipstick, you want deep berry which can goes light
No if... you dislike fragranced lippies

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