Sunday, March 27, 2011

Too Faced Lip of Luxury Lipstick in Pink Flamingo

I am totally in love with peachy color... which brings me to purchase this baby...
Too Faced has been around for sometime in Sephora Singapore, just I was always too mesmerized by other brands and never actually realized this one is around! How glad I was when I finally discovered Lip of Luxury!

The packaging is Barbie perfect...with silhouette of a girl applying lipstick as logo and metallic pink tube. Wait! That’s not all... it has this huge diamante on top too! I am still trying to find that fine print saying ‘created with Barbie’ somewhere on the box... cute cute cute!

The color is pretty shimmery apricot-pink. The shimmer is gold and very fine... I am totally lovin it.... on the left was single swipe, on the right was multiple swipes.

It applies nicely, light texture. Lip of Luxury is lightly fragranced – mixed fruits I think. Not too strong, after application, it will fade away.

Unfortunately the pigment doesn’t last very long on my lip (and my tea sippings)... about 1-2 hours. By the end of the wear pretty much no pigment was left on my lips, but soft golden shimmer still sticks around. I like it for the shimmer  But I can foresee many will not like it so much for the fact it doesn’t last long enough.

It is soft and kind to my lips...not moisturizing, but not drying.

In summary...
Packaging: cute pink tube with huge diamante on top
Color variations: 2/5 I did not see much color in Sephora Singapore
Price: SGD 32 ( I think...)
Texture: light, lightly fragranced
Moisturizing: 3/5
Staying power: 1-2 hours, by the end shimmer stays but pigments are gone
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you love golden shimmer, you adore the packaging, you want light textured lipstick
No if... you dislike fragranced lippies, you want longer lasting lipstick

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  1. I just followed your blog! Nice post!

    Too faced are having their lip of luxury lipsticks on sale for $8! So I found your swatch through google

    Would love if you follow back :)