Monday, March 14, 2011

POP Beauty Bare Texture 3D Eye Shade Kit

This palette offers... 39 colors in one small, okay not-so-small box! YAY! Comes with tiny bottle of Eye Magnet shadow primer too!

See the colors... lovely! I just love the way POP Beauty arranges these shades.... highlight on the left, colors and medium shades on the mid and liner colors on the right! Oh... mattes on top, shimmer in the mid and bottom rows are for the glittery sparkly colors!

Love the texture, soft and pigmentation are pretty good. Some colors seems to blend too well with my skin tone. Anyways... swatch time!!!



And the eye primer and brush. I don’t like the brush... too plasticky and hard for my liking...

Collateral damage: SGD 48

Available in Sephora Singapore or ASOS.


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  1. Nice color range you had given here. I like the demonstration as well.
    dean graziosi