Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cezanne Smooth Fit Shadow in 04

According to the site, Cezanne is Japanese cosmetic brand which has been around for 40 years! The brand claimed to bring about safe and easy to use cosmetics for daily use. How come I never heard of it? Shame on me... Anyways, I stumbled across this one:
The website says...
‘Pearl & soft touch: A moist, soft powder containing an abundance of pearl. It blends smoothly with the skin for an elegant gloss.
Three-dimensional colors: A quartet of colors that creates deep, impressive eyes simply by adding one after the other.’

The packaging is really not appealing at all... simple clear plastic palette. What appealed me was the colors. I have never owned such combination at that moment, and I wanted to try me some blue.
The color is rather sheer. And i cant see the difference of each color when combined in any way. They are simply too similar, except the darkest liner color. it is not the easiest shadows to work with too...
Bottom line, I know, after typing this article, i don’t think i will ever use this again. this palette is going to collect dust in my make up graveyard...

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