Monday, May 9, 2011

The Face Shop Touch & Shine Dual Eye Color in Gold Bronze 01

This is one of my initial encounter with The Face Shop, a Korean brand which offers body care, skin care and make up line.
This looks perfect for lazy person like myself. Eye shadow on one end, and matching liner on the other end. And most of all, it doesn’t require any sharpening! Yay!
The color is ultra sparkly gold with glitter chunks for the eye shadow and pretty metallic light brown for the liner. Thinner line is swatch with single swipe and the one next to it is done a few times – as you can see, it can be sheer but easily build up.

They glides easily, however doesn’t last very long. I find the liner migrating a few hours after wear. And mine somehow has a little funny smell – I don’t like. Definitely not fragrance, may be just the funny formula.

And the sparkles – it somehow irritates my eyes. Thanks to this, I haven’t purchase The Face Shop make up products for a while...

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