Saturday, May 14, 2011

Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm in Sweet Orange

Oh, I cant believe I haven’t post this favourite of mine!

My first encounter with this American, organic brand was ... an organic restaurant! Of course, the cute badger on the packaging was the one that’s really calling me. My first purchase was Badger Winter Wonder Balm. It was totally lovely and become my staple soon after.

Too bad, not so long after I got addicted to the balms, the restaurant decided not to sell them anymore. This forces me to get my stock from the internet – . and this was where I saw the lip balm and decided to try.
As you can see ... the packaging was really cute with the badger in the front. It is made of plastic – light and simple.

The package which I got contains Lime Rocket, Sweet Orange and Creamy Cocoa. The texture of the balm is just nice on my lips, not too light not too heavy. It is not flavoured, just lightly scented. Nice scent I must add – all Badger products which I tried were wonderfully scented anyway...

The color appears yellowish in the container, but applies clear on lips.

I am using this as lip treatment when my lip feels ultra dry, to prep my lips before applying lipsticks .... and sometime as cuticle balm too. I know... it sounds crazy, but it works well for me.

With the nice price... This product is totally very ultra worth every penny!

I am soooo loving this product!

Nothing goes to waste everytime I purchase stuff from Badger... I love the box so much, I don’t have the heart to throw it away... I am using it as...

My brush container! Dont you just adore that badger?

In Summary...
Packaging: simple plastic with ultra cute badger as the poster boy/gal
Price: USD 13 for a pack of 3
Texture: just nice 
Is it worth it?
Yes If.... you love lightly fragranced lip balm
No if... you don’t like shopping online (for those in Asia)

I just realize some specialty mom and baby shops in Singapore carries limited Badger products. Most shops sells the balms only, not the lip balm.


  1. That is such a good idea - I never thought to use the old pack to hold make-up brushes (and I think I have the same bamboo ones that you do :D).

    Thank you for sharing your love of Badger with your readers - it means a lot to us.

    Your Friends at Badger

  2. the way, the yellowish/orange tint of the lip balm is mostly from organic rosehip and seabuckthorn extracts. They are naturally full of antioxidants, and help to keep your lips healthy :)