Friday, May 6, 2011

Dodo Tip Shadow in 03

When I see ‘dodo’ all that pops up in my mind is the extinct fightless bird. Immediately I turn my head to the other side of the aisle and look at some other brands. Well, but I encountered dodo a few times now, and it had managed to spark my interest. All of the product has this cute colorful flower pattern on black background printed on the product packaging. Not the expected cute kawaii style Japanese are famous of. After looking around,I picked this up...

Tip shadow comes in a few bright cheerful colors, which makes me wants them all! I picked 03 that’s pretty pastel pink with soft iridescent shimmer.
Dodo brochure says...
‘this collection of shadows add colours to your eyes to suit your own personality. The applicator has rounded tip that allows for precise and controlled manoeuvre. Play with colours of your choice!’
I couldn’t agree more about the rounded tip applicator which kinda springs up when you unscrew the closure. The product is actually cream eyeshadow that’s deposited in the tip of the closure. Spill proof! Unlike powder shadows in tubes, this one suits clumsy hands like me...I dropped the top (which contains the colored shadow) and I didn’t make any mess...but...Very teeny weeny amount: 1 gram only!

Anyways, it looks like product sent from more brush cleaning after use, no more mixed up sponge tipped applicators, no more messy fingertips!

As you can see, this eyeshadow is very very sheer. I was trying to build up the color on my hand and on my eyes, yet I can only barely see the colors. The most difficult part is to take up more color, I have to dip in the applicator back to the tube, unfortunately for me, the tip never manage to take enough color. I ended up dipping again and again without seeing visible color on my skin yet.
While this product is not my cup of tea, I can see that other girls who like convenience and sheer color to like the product. There is simply no risk to over apply this one!
Packaging: light pencil like, with nice floral pattern
Color variations: 4/5 not much deep colors, but plenty of pastels to choose
Price: SGD 9.8
Texture: light and sheer
Is it worth it? I cant think of anything which makes this valuable for anyone sadly...

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