Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baviphat Peach Peeling gel

Peeling + Peach = BUY!!!
But I ended up with disappointments with this one. It started in my luggage... I got this one from Korea, not opening it and storing it in my luggage... guess what... it leaked. Apparently the gel contains so much liquid, the liquid manage to leak out and wet the packaging plus some stuff in my luggage.
Leakage aside... let’s go to the product. As you can see... it is housed in cute peach shaped plastic container. It smells like peach ice cream or peach flavouring if you like... the gel is more jelly like jell-o.  
This product is actually gommage. Just take a little and rub it on your face. Unlike most gommage I’ve used, this one get clumpy ultra fast. Just rub a little and voila-clumps! And unlike when I used other gommage (usually I stopped when the clumps started to form), I just continue on massaging gently with this one. I feel that I don’t get any of the peeling or scrubbing effect if I stopped after the clumping.
I do think this is just like regular scrub... I don’t feel my skin cleaner and blackheads are still there too... I’ll give it a skip if I were to try tester sized first...

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