Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rouge Automatique Workshop Jakarta - Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Shalimar 166

In the beginning, I fell in love with Guerlain line of perfumes. And then, as my interest in lip colors grow, I tried Guerlain’s gorgeous KissKiss Strass. Too bad, it doesn’t agree with my lips and make my lips feel ultra dry. I’ve steer away from Guerlain’s lippies since then.

But when I saw the promo pictures of Rouge Automatique, the signature color is soooo gorgeous. And the model looks totally lovely in it. Not to mention, many blogs I followed such as Musingsofamuse and Karlasugar has mentioned and reviewed it. I enrolled myself to beauty workshop/launch of Rouge Automatique in Jakarta.

Paid about 23 USD for the workshop, feels a little expensive, but it is fully redeemable with Guerlain goods sold on that day (too bad, they don’t carry full line of make up and skin care during the event). Maxime Poulin, the Parisian make up artist was there for this workshop.
I really enjoyed listening to him, he sounds very passionate about make up and willing to help answer audience’s questions.

Unfortunately, no hands on make up session here, but he demonstrated day to night make up technique to the lovely model.
Of course, there’s full display and tester of Rouge Automatique on each table for us to try on...
Was soo tempted to do full swatch, but light in the room was not so good, so decided not to do it... anyways, one of my favourite blog, Karlasugar done lovely swatch already.

Now... to the lippie! First ...the design. Albeit not novel, it is still so pretty. They keep on emphasising the fact that ladies can apply the rouge with single hand using this. But really... no big deal for me. I love the design still... looks almost vintage. Very pretty.

I decided to take Shalimar with me. It is cool-pink-fuchsia with light shimmer. Ultra lovely. This shade is slightly lighter than Champs Elysees – the signature color.

The texture is heavenly. Guerlain claimed second-skin lippie... and they are so totally correct. Rouge Automatique glides on nicely and easily. It is light and I don’t really feel like I’m wearing lippie! It is crème, but not heavy.... gel but not light or drying. Some said it is gel-creme... I totally agree!

Pigmentation is just nice... not too crème, but covers lips well. However, it is not as lasting as I would like it to be. But hey... you cant get everything, right? The color doesn’t migrate, even though I didn’t prep my lips or apply any lip liner beforehand. Lasts about 3-4 hours and completely gone after meal.

During the workshop, Maxime even picked a pretty red for me. He suggests 121 Rouge D’enfer or 122 Liu for me. Rouge D’enfer is medium true red, lighter sister to Liu. According to Maxime, Rouge D’enfer would fit most skin tone. It is ...well, medium true red, not too crème. I noticed it is slightly sheer... and turns out slightly different on different skin tone, because some natural lip tone peeks thru nicely below Rouge D’enfer. I tried it on... and fallen in love with it. even though, not used seeing myself in such bold red, initially I was a bit hesitant.

Too bad, the only Rouge D’enfer they had left when I decided to purchase was not in prime condition. I have to delay my purchase and bring home only Shalimar.

This is worth lemming for... but I can see this would be too expensive for some. In Indonesia it goes for around whooping USD 43!!!

In Summary...
Packaging: golden chromed plastic, light but not too light. Still has some weigh to make it feel luxe
Color offering: 4/5 lovely range of beiges, oranges, reds and rose-pink
Collateral damage:around USD 43 in Indonesia
Moisturizing: not moisturizing, but not drying, just nice. Like second skin!

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