Thursday, May 23, 2013

Etude House Pre Summer 2013 Collection Color Pop

Whoa Etude! Really...nothing can stop this Korean company from churning cute and even cuter make up collections. This time, they just launched their Pre Summer Collection : Color Pop! Move over sweet tooth... color pop is now!

The promo images really evoke that pop art feeling... colorful and vibrant, bold and brave with a dash of psychedelic vibe thrown in! comic books! pow! WOW!

The collections includes neutral set of eyeliners, more vibrant eye liners titled Dreamy Show Creamy Pencils:...

Multiple hues of greens and blues in form of nail polishes...


These line up of Color Pop Shiny Stain reminds me of YSL's Glossy Stain and L'oreal's. Brighter version of Glossy Stains, anyone?

Of course, Etude House's release wont be complete without the inclusion of Dear My Lips Talk... Look...the ribbon is orange too!

What else do you need for summer? Colorful eyes, check... Coral-Mandarin-Orange lips, check... Sea-hued nails, check... 

I am so curious to try their Color Pop Shiny Stain and those colorful Dreamy Show Creamy Pencils too! What about you?

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Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in PK 002 Strawberry Chiffon Cake

This is really a long due review... This super cute, sweet concoction belongs to Etude House's 2013 release. The Sweet Recipe collection makes me drool... No kidding! They are all candy or cake themed with pink color scheme. Who can resist that?

The Sweet Recipe collection includes highlighters, eye shadows, blushes, various lipstick and base make up. Earlier i have tried and loved the jelly lip color from the collection also.

Previously, I tried the Jelly lips talk here. Today, I picked is a creme blush packed in adorable tin shaped like pink cupcake... Yums! Etude House promotes this to be used as lip color, blush and eye shadow too! It comes in 5 delectable colors... blueberry, strawberry, cherry, mandarin and peach... how lovely...

I obviously love the tin design. Even though I dont think I can maintain the tin in tip top sparkly condition ... Tin packaging's paint tend to peel off  as time goes by... And humidity means rust is always lurking around.

That aside... I totally love the color! PK 002 is a poppy colder pink which really enlivens my face without being too neon. It is sheer, easily blended and can be layered for more intense look.

The texture is different from the currently trending creamy moussey blush... It is harder in the tin, but can be easily softened up by placing your finger on top of the product to warm a patch up with your fingertip. It will be easier then to pick up the color.Considering the texture, I am not going to try this for lip color, I just have the feeling that it will be too drying for my lips. As for eyeshadow, I dont see myself wearing the color...But I will definitely try it if I picked up the peachy color later :D 

Super cute theme and packaging, as expected from Etude House. It gives me a Lovely pop of pink on my cheeks. Easy to use sans shimmer formula making it my current default choice when i feel the need to boost a blah day!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bakery by Beauty Buffet Gaufres Eyeshadow 4 in 1 No. 03 Kiwi Gold

The Bakery is a sub-brand by Beauty Buffet. Beauty Buffet is an interesting one, a Thai concept of having all-you-can-eat buffet, but for beauty product. Their shops are reminiscent of romantic farmer’s market with food themed products. Let’s say it is a sweeter, more neighborly version of Korea’s The Skin Food.

Beauty Buffet sells pretty much everything! From make up, hair care, brushes until more specific body care such as waxes! Their in house brands include pro-ish line Gino McGray ( I picked up a brush cleanser here), Scentio body product, Lansley body product  and The Bakery. The bakery is more targeted towards young audiences.

More good news… they are easily found in shopping malls in Bangkok! Yums!

Now, they eye shadows… Gaufres Eyeshadow claim to be not tested on animals…. Score one for me! The shadow is housed in magnetic cardboard box and comes with sponge tipped applicator. Of course, the packaging design in cute… that’s why I got one for myself! And with name like Gaufres – or Waffles … I cant say no..

Kiwi gold is lovely warm combination of shimmering colors: golden ivory, young grass shoot green, light golden mandarin and lovely bronzey brown. Very versatile… be it for the neutral lovers or those preferring colorful make up. Pigmentation is average for golden ivory and bronze brown, the green and mandarin swatched more pigmented. The texture is lovely, soft and easy to blend.

At the price point (THB 250, approximately 8 USD) this is not a guilty pleasure purchase… okay… guilty pleasure for me, as I have eye shadows worth three lifetimes… but… it is a zero calorie guilty pleasure!

Fun, zero calorie, colorful snack for make up lovers. Good quality with good price.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Lucido L Hair Wax < Moisture >

Lucido L is famous Japanese hair care brand; it is pretty easy to find their product in local pharmacies such as Watsons in Singapore. Yet, I happened to purchase mine when from Bangkok. Doesn’t matter… since all are made in Japan (I think…), the quality should be the same with the Singaporean stock.

Anyways, I love love love Lucido L for their innovation. Seems like every other day they churn out new products … newer products always seems prettier, more potent, more interesting … which means, I end up with numerous tubes of unfinished hair products but end up getting more. All of that aside…

This is another new one from Lucido L: the new hair wax comes in 6 variants to address different concern from making voluptuous volumes to adding juicy moisture. All packaged in pretty, colorful tubs…  for my fried, chemically processed hair…I got the one to add moisture, of course… and it comes in pretty pink tub!

Lucido L says this tub contains double hyaluronic acid to provide long lasting moisture- creating shiny, lively and smooth hair. it also contains non sticky powder to absorb oil and penetrating hyaluronic acid to add moisture.

The light glossy cream smells of light fruity floral fragrance. The lovely cream is absorbed easily without making my hair feels heavy. But… I don’t feel much moisture from this baby. Of course, directly after application, there is moisturizing feeling, but after it has been fully absorbed by my fried hair, I don’t feel any difference. One thing I love from this wax is it doesn’t feel silicone-y at all! A little dash of silicone in my hair wax or oil is good, but too much of them… I am getting kinda bored with tonnes of silicone laden products out there…   

Anyways… bottomline…
Pretty tube never fails to tempt me to purchase from this range. This might be moisturizing enough for those whose hair is not as fried as mine. For me, this didn’t have any effect. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lola Duo Lipstick in Strawberry / Cream

The allure of double duty products never fail to make me swipe my card… be it double function or simply two color housed in pretty little tube like this Duo Lipstick by Lola.

When I purchased this, I don’t know anything about Lola… except that the duo lippie was calling my name… and the packaging is plain cute black-red combo that just exudes fun loving, sexy attitude!

Lola is an American brand which is available in several countries in Asia. According to their website, the star products are eye primer, lippies and powder.

Now the product! I don’t think I have to describe the sexy tube of this lippie! Tiny red diamante simply adds attitude to the tube! Plus, the tube also houses a tiny mirror which automatically flips open when you open the lippie tube! I am loving this… no more digging for mirror before retouching! Fantastic design and idea… however… it lacks a little in the execution… the tube is made of light plastic that is lacking substantial feel… May be I am spoiled by my favorite Guerlain Rouge Automatiques, but I feel this tube is a little hard to twist… or may be mine was simply a bad tube…

Strawberry / Cream is a pretty duo of blue based pink with super subtle shimmer (which doesn’t show up when applied on lips) and pinkish cream nude that simply adds life to my pale lips. When mixed the resulting color is creamy fresh, natural looking pink. The nude is super suitable for the office and the pink is pretty for night out with friends too! truly duo product that’s useful!

Texture of the product is also lovely, super easy to apply and blend. Coverage and pigmentation is excellent! Not as creamy as YSL Rouge Voluptes, but creamy enough not to dry my lips. It feels light on my lips and the nude crème doesn’t settle on my liplines! Love!

Pretty design + wonderful product and color is the combo for me… appreciate the compact mirror on the tube too! However, the packaging itself is not that easy to deal with.