Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Bakery by Beauty Buffet Gaufres Eyeshadow 4 in 1 No. 03 Kiwi Gold

The Bakery is a sub-brand by Beauty Buffet. Beauty Buffet is an interesting one, a Thai concept of having all-you-can-eat buffet, but for beauty product. Their shops are reminiscent of romantic farmer’s market with food themed products. Let’s say it is a sweeter, more neighborly version of Korea’s The Skin Food.

Beauty Buffet sells pretty much everything! From make up, hair care, brushes until more specific body care such as waxes! Their in house brands include pro-ish line Gino McGray ( I picked up a brush cleanser here), Scentio body product, Lansley body product  and The Bakery. The bakery is more targeted towards young audiences.

More good news… they are easily found in shopping malls in Bangkok! Yums!

Now, they eye shadows… Gaufres Eyeshadow claim to be not tested on animals…. Score one for me! The shadow is housed in magnetic cardboard box and comes with sponge tipped applicator. Of course, the packaging design in cute… that’s why I got one for myself! And with name like Gaufres – or Waffles … I cant say no..

Kiwi gold is lovely warm combination of shimmering colors: golden ivory, young grass shoot green, light golden mandarin and lovely bronzey brown. Very versatile… be it for the neutral lovers or those preferring colorful make up. Pigmentation is average for golden ivory and bronze brown, the green and mandarin swatched more pigmented. The texture is lovely, soft and easy to blend.

At the price point (THB 250, approximately 8 USD) this is not a guilty pleasure purchase… okay… guilty pleasure for me, as I have eye shadows worth three lifetimes… but… it is a zero calorie guilty pleasure!

Fun, zero calorie, colorful snack for make up lovers. Good quality with good price.

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