Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ma Cherie Straight Care Wax

Ma Cherie is brand from Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetic giant. I am loving Ma Cherie for their cute pink packaging, refreshing light scent and the gimmicky bad-smell absorbing formula. I don’t know if this really work, but hey…It sounds good! Especially if you work around smokers or smokey kitchen a lot!
This time I purchased Straight Care Wax from Sasa shop in Taipei. Like some waxes from other Japanese brands, this baby comes in tin tub. Of course, in baby pink! I adore this whole wax in tin thing, but after a while it gets annoying. While it is pretty presentation, the tin got dented easily during shipping or in my suitcase! And sometime, the product got to the side of the tin lid. I just don’t like how it looks.
Ahem, back to the wax… scented with Ma Cherie signature scent, this looks more like glossy semi translucent gel than wax. I can imagine putting it on a tiny plate and looking at the glob while thinking it is a lychee flavored jell-o. don’t do this at home, people, this wax is not for eating.
The wax is definitely moisturizing and makes my hair look more glossy. But it provides zero hold. It does help tame flyaways, but not more than that.
When I applied it prior to flat ironing, it helps keeping my hair to look more healthy…less fried. But unlike treatment wax from Kose’s Salon Style, Ma Cherie Wax feels more silicone-y. and yes, it does contain a few silicone based ingredients.
While I adore Ma Cherie’s scent, I don’t fancy the too silicone-y feel of this wax. I prefer Salon Style’s. So, no repurchase for this baby.

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