Thursday, July 26, 2012

Seabreeze UV Cut & Jelly in Crush Berry SPF 25 PA++

I have owned this bottle for a while. Amazing how I never thought of making a review on it… this week have been a UV protection-sunblock week for me. I posted my thoughts on Nivea’s smooth milk, Fasio’s airy shield, SuhadaFit’s Baby milk.
Seabreeze is UV protection line from Shiseido. This brand offers variety of fragranced products aimed at younger audience. This Seabreeze UV cut & jelly is available in 4 fragrances: soapy, apple, citrus and berry. I got myself the crush berry from Sasa Taipei.  

It is packaged in nozzle tipped plastic bottle, just like most Japanese UV milks. From the size of the content (60ml) I do think this is aimed at may be face and body too. It is a thin milky gel with sweet-berry candy fragrance with a hint of mint. Like most gel, it gives cooling sensation when applied; the fragrance is quite strong compared to other UV milks I have tried, but not as strong as fragranced body lotions.
It gets absorbed easily and definitely didn’t leave any white cast on my skin.
I do think Seabreeze UV cut & Jelly to be more suitable for body, for simple reason.. the minty sensation might be too much for face’s skin. It is very mild on me, but I can imagine it irritates some people with more sensitive skin.
This has been a buddy in my beach bag. While I don’t think it is water resistant, I like the cooling sensation when I applied it under burning tropical sun. too bad it only comes in SPF 25.
I do think I will buy this again for my travelling bag. It is refreshing and light for travels.

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