Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fasio Airy Shield UV Screen EX SPF 50+ PA +++

I know Fasio mostly because of their mascara and eye shadows – most of the time their products doesn’t appeal much to me. But when I was running out of UV milk, I saw this in and decided to give it a try.
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Now, as far as I am aware, there’re 2 types of Airy Shield UV Screen from Fasio. The one in golden bottle and the EX (silver bottle). I tried to find the difference online, but I couldn’t find any. And since I don’t read Japanese, the box pretty much says nothing to me…

Back to the product. Just like most Japanese UV milk out there, the bottle is hard and has nozzle tip. The product is light and milky. It is spread and get absorbed easily upon application. I do think it is lightly fragranced, but nothing too noticeable. Just pleasant light whiff upon pouring the milk on my palms. Good thing, no whitish cast when applied. And it is super light I don’t feel like I’m having SPF on my face. Nice!
But… I do feel the alcohol here. Those with sensitive or dry skin might want to notice this…
Lovely choice for humid summer days. But I don’t think I will repurchase, because of the alcohol-y feeling it gives during application.

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