Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nivea Sun Face Moist Beauty Smooth Milk SPF 50+ PA +++

I have known Nivea since I was a kid (I bet you do too), in form of their classic cream in blue tub. Back then, Nivea creams means heavy cream for elbows and dried hands… now, Nivea also offers light milk, Japanese style sunscreen. Not only that, The Face Moist Beauty series also offers Essence version of the sunblock, which I also purchased later after trying the Smooth Milk and liking it...
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As the bottle suggests, this baby has texture of light milk. The color of the product is not white like most milk sunscreen, but it has a hint of apricot in it. Lovely! It also contains hyaluronic acid and royal jelly to moisturize. Not only that, they also said it helps reduce oiliness!
Like most milk products, this product is super easy to blend. And it doesn’t leave whitish/ashy cast on my face! It blends and gets absorbed effortlessly. It has super light fragrance which I can only detect when I pretty much dug my nose in the milk.

As for the reducing oil claim… it is pretty much non existent on me. But then again, my T zone is almost always oily.
Even though it doesn’t help control my oil, I do like this one. The tiny tiny bottle makes it easy to carry and I adore its light texture. Plus easy to my wallet. I am going to repurchase this one.
But it does contain alcohol, so those with sensitive skin, must be careful.
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