Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kose Cosmeport Salon Style Treatment Wax

For my dried, fried, straightened hair, I am always on the lookout for products to keep my hair looking more glossy and tame... this one from Japanese cosmetic giant, Kose, sounds promising...
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Salon Style is wallet friendly hair care line from Kose. this wax promises glorious flowing hair. With hydrolyzed wheat proteins & collagen, the wax is said to repair hair too. not only that, Kose also throw in UV protection to prevent pigment fading in dyed hair. Scale 1 for styling power (1 low to 6 high) and Scale 5 for glossiness. as usual, product claims sound good...

This Salon Style Wax series comes in 6 variants, ranging from low hold (like mine, Treatment Wax) to strong hold waxes.

I adore the packaging, too bad mine arrived dented in several spots. the glossy-borderline gel like product lightly scented. the light fragrance is gone by the time i applied it to my hair. the product is ultra light, doesnt weigh down my hair at all. and it got easily absorbed as well.

my hair does feel slick and look glossier when wearing this. I usually used this in the morning, during styling.

Once I used it prior to flat ironing my hair (i towel dried my hair prior to straightening it with flat iron), and it worked fine! it helps tame frizziness and doesnt make my hair feel dried and rough after the flat iron abuse.

Cheap and easy to use! Definitely will repurchase.

I got mine from (I am not affiliated with adambeauty, but I shop there often)

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