Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sasatinnie Magic Fairy Coralline Algae Mask

Another mask from Sasa’s house brand! Recently I cant help but noticing wide variety of beauty products the Sasatinnie brand has to offer. From creams to masks…
The Magic Fairy masks comes in a box of three sheets, each individually packaged as other sheet masks do.  The nonwoven material in this mask is thicker and somehow more rough than other brands I tried, like My Beauty Diary. As usual, each mask has its own thin plastic sheet backing and ultra saturated with essence.  Just place the mask on your face accordingly (there are holes for eyes, nose and mouth) and watch your favorite re runs! Sasatinnie recommends 15-20 minutes. Me? Sometime I bring sheet masks to short nap or to watch few episodes of my favorite shows.
Coralline Algae mask is designed for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin. It promises to energize and nourish skin. The mask contains coralline algae to reduce fine lines & pigmentation, USDA organic aloe vera for hydration, anti aging & skin repair plus ECOCERT edelweiss to minimize pores and act as anti oxidant + anti blemish. All sounds good to me…
Despite the rougher thicker mask material, I love this mask!!! My skin feels so refreshed and supple after wearing this. The essence got absorbed easily by my skin and it doesn’t leave sticky residue.  Lovely!
This is an enjoyable mask to wear. Too bad each box only comes with 3 pieces, not more! Softer materials will be appreciated too!

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