Friday, June 29, 2012

Vrai Argan Oil

I tend to shy away from argan oil products since I consider it too expensive and my experience with argan oil products hasnt been satisfactory recently.

So, when my parents brought me Vrai Argan Oil from Fragonard Paris last month, I just tried a shy single pump on my skin and leave the bottle on my desk. Pretty much untouched, since I have other body oils on rotation.

But yesterday, I was running out of my regular Etude House hair essence, which I always apply prior to straight ironing. at times combined with Ma Cherie milk. In desperate effort to find replacement, I stumbled upon white minimalistic Vrai Argan Oil bottle. I applied it on my towel dried hair then go on straight ironing (no Ma Cherie milk here). To my delight... it worked very well. My hair feels less dry and more smooth to touch.

Vrai Argan oil is fragranced with fresh citrusy fragrance. It is not as thick as other argan oil products I tried. Clear, light (but not as light as dry oils) and fresh oil. It got absorbed easily. Those who dont like fragrance, dont worry, the pleaseant smell pretty much disappear in few minutes upon application

According to the bottle, this oil can be used on body also. But I find exceptional result when used on my hair, not skin. On skin, I still prefer dry oils like Nuxe.

Unfortunately, I cant point to you where to get this in other countries outside France, since I dont think Fragonard has shop outside France. Prior to Vrai, I know Fragonard for their fragrances.

I would highly reccomend this for those with dried, fried, baked hair. This one is my staple now.

However, I dont think I would reccomend this for those with oily hair...might be too sticky/oily.

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