Friday, June 22, 2012

Golden Rose Terracotta Sparkle Trio Eye Shadow in 408

Golden Rose is Turkish make up brand which offers quite complete range of make up from shadows to powders. I picked this pretty sparkly looking trio eye shadows during my recent trip to Turkey.

Usually I am a sucker for pretty packaging and attractive well made boxes. Rest assured, when I got this one, it was not the packaging that called me. it is packaged in simple plastic pan with clear plastic top and golden plastic bottom. very light, which means feels cheap. and the box doesnt help... hologram golden box doesnt scream luxury to me.

The color though, is my favorite! Teals! 408 is a dome consisting three stripes: 2 colors and one glitter. Just like the name imply, these are sparkly. The mint green has greenish iridescent sparkle to it. While I was expecting the mint to be sheer, it was a pleasant surprise to found out it is quite well pigmented. one swipe already shows color on my lids. The warm teal is standard sparkly teal. not sheer, but not superbly pigmented either.

Silver glitter shade in the middle is pretty much clear shade with chunks of silver glitter. let me repeat... CHUNKS... these are huge. super sparkly due to the random size fo the glitter. It doesnt add any color, only disco-ball glitter. and it falls like nobody's business.

I am surely gonna wear the mint and teal only. and forget about the chunky, prone-to-falls silver glitter.

considering the price, this is an okay purchase for me. I adore the mint, neutral about the teal and hate the glitter. I dont think i see Golden Rose in other countries, beside Turkey.

Got mine in Golden Rose shop in Istiklal area, Istanbul.

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