Thursday, June 21, 2012

Poshe nail strengthening treatment base coat

I always have problem with my weak, easily chipped, at times peeling nails. gross, i know. Until, my best buddy reccomended me Poshe treatment base coat!

I have been wearing it pretty much for over a year. and I can see my nails r getting stronger, not as brittle as it used to be. it is amazing, remembering how long I have worn and loved this baby, but havent manage to blog about it until i nearly finish my last bottle!

One problem with Poshe though, it tends to make certain formula of polish (like my favorite holos) pools and look unsightly. Overly watery polish formula also tend to have similar problem when applied over Poshe.

Poshe dries glossy and clear. it really helps to prevent staining. my nail is not as badly stained as it used to be as well!

wonderful and really working, protecting base coat for my nails. it suits most nail polish formulas I have been using (I wear mainly OPI, China Glaze, Zoya and occasional Color Club & korean brands like Etude House).

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