Thursday, June 21, 2012

Make Up Forever Aqua Liner in 14

I havent been using MUFE products recently... the last thing I bought from them was a nude-mauve lippie. THen I was interested in their spring bohemian eye shadow palette, but it turned out sheer and not to my liking. And then i forget their make up products (MUFE brush cleanser remains a favorite, though...).

Until.. yesterday my lovely cousin sent me this eye liner. She very well knows I dont need yet another black liner, but she insisted this one is special and different.

She is correct! this liquid eye liner is lovely in many ways! the formula, the brush tip, the color! everything!

first the brush, it is made of foam, similar to MAC's Superslick eyeliners. Yet somehow it feels more easier to control and use than MAC's.

then the color! how wonderful... multi colored shimmer suspended in black base. it gives certain colorful sparkle when I wear it. I wont post any picture here, Temptalia's website posted a wonderful swatch of all the series.

The most important feature is... the formula! Okay, I have to shake it a little before wearing, to make sure the shimemer got mixed nicely with the black base. it dries fast and it last long! until I decided to remove it. On my oily lids, this one lasts longer than MAC's superslick. Superslick might peel off (not smudge, people, but peel off) by the end of a long day. But with MUFE (which I have tried few days in a row by now), it never happens!

much like its twin sister from MAC, MUFE Aqua Liner is easily off with regular soap or make up remover. I dont have to use my FANCL oil cleanser arsenal to clean this up. again, it doesnt smudge, it simply 'peels off' when i gently massaged in make up remover or facial wash.

I am running to my nearest MUFE counter to grab some more colors!
Easy to use, lasts long and easy to remove. PLUS it doesnt ever smudge! What more can I ask?

One thing though, Why oh Why they named their colors with numbers?!? MUFE, give them names for easier reference please...

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